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Is Romney or Obama The Answer That Will Restore Our Liberty?

The mantra is repeated by fools and party hacks. "This is the most important election in our lifetime" or "in our nation's history" etc. 


George Soros owns the company that will count the results of the 2012 presidential election. And the two candidates just happen to be the only two candidates he stated were acceptable to him. Amazing! Oh yea, keep telling yourself this is all normal and REAL.

Unless you are hypnotized and/or totally unaware of current events and their monumental significance, you know that the results of this election will have little effect upon the direction in which our country is headed. We have been on a march toward the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite's (SDE) New World Order for one hundred years. Neither one of these men would have the courage or will to change directions; their lives, their entire careers, their fortunes and their self-identity is predicated upon the SDE's precepts and goals. From the "actions" not rhetoric of each, it would be the height of insanity not to recognize it for what it is.  

The three fundamental questions of practical philosophy, that is philosophy capable of aiding the survival of an individual, family, community and indeed humankind, are "Where am I? How can I discover it? What am I to do now." 

Where are we?
Liberty has already been lost, that is a historic and provable fact. The last semblance of restraint upon the power of the Federal Government was removed by the Robert's Court precedent of June 28th 2012 (a day that will live in infamy!). That day the ObamaCare ruling gave the federal government unlimited coercive powers over every citizen and non citizen resident and over every aspect of their lives. 

The day of that ruling, and a few days after the ruling, it was easy to see how hypnotized the population is, and which "talking heads" feigning to be constitutional conservatives are really in the service of the SDE and aiding in the progress of the coming New World Order.  The ones who spread the "Roberts is a genius" spin, they are the fakes, in service to the SDE. Those few, very, very few who screamed this was the last nail in the coffin of Liberty, the American Constitutional experiment is over, are real. Because that is the fact and truth of it. 

But please remember:
All life is doing; all life is action and at this terrible and hateful juncture to freeze in fear is the exact wrong thing. Those who have taken their freedom for granted have lost it; their malleability, their hypnotic stupor, cost freedom for the rest of us as well.  Reams have been written about "where we are headed" as if the loss of freedom is in the future.  We have to be exact and ruthless with the facts to know accurately where we are. We have to abandon the IDOLS, the illusions and delusion, the constant recourse to outrage at the abuses; we have to stop screaming "That is illegal!" No it is not! EVERY action that Obama has taken no matter how immoral and disgusting has been absolutely legal, because while we rested under the delusion that George Bush was protecting us, we traded our Liberty for FAKE-security. WE were fools. The laws passed in the Bush administration are the laws that Obama used to take down our Liberty, to void the constitution, and assume ABSOLUTE dictatorial control - AND it was all LEGAL. As Justice Roberts said, and most were too stupid to realize the message he was sending from the imprisoned-supreme-court, "It is not the job of the court to protect the public from the bad laws passed by the people THEY elect." WE GAVE OUR LIBERTY AWAY for a FAKE security!

When people read the reality of the situation and slip out of their hypnotic daze long enough to entertain the facts and take a cold and fearful view of "where we are" the immediate and logical question is "So what do we do about it."   Many asking that question at the moment are asking it inside the paradigm of the Presidential campaign as if to say: "if we could just elect the right savior, he would save us."  That is an illusion. It is too far gone for that. That will NOT happen. 

Most every conservative, constitutionalist, libertarian, and a high percentage of the so-called moderates in the GOP admit that some "power structure" (RNC) crammed a candidate down our throats, we did not want, who is the weakest possible choice against Obama, so weak in fact the situation would be laughable if it wasn't a matter of human sweat, blood, and many years longer to Liberty that is the cost.  To Wit:

Mitt Romney Socialist

It is objectively clear that this election is not the answer to the question, "So, what do we do."  You are not going to like the answer but it is the only one short of massive bloodshed and even darker ages to come. We have to educate so many people to the massive manipulations they experience EVERY day via Media of all kinds, so that so many become awake and informed that we are able to change the dialectic. The SDE has controlled not only the conversation, but our language through the P.C. movement, our morals through massive brainwashing, the very frame work (extreme materialism) in which we think and view ourselves and our individual value. We have to engage in a massive PERSONAL educational quest, or shortly the possibility of ever recovering Liberty will be lost, a footnote in history no one will have the capacity to comprehend. 

Educate yourself - NOT on the Constitution's dead letters, but on the foundation and GROUND of Liberty. Then, teach your children and anyone who will listen, LIBERTY. They presently do not understand it or they would never have traded it for FAKE-security.  Our children and grand children's generation will have to battle or be satisfied with techno/economic slavery. Hard words but true. 

The Education system stopped teaching the literature of Liberty in the 1970s, the new generations, basically everyone under 50 is likely not to truly grasp its meaning. B.F. Skinner the Luciferian Behaviorist upon who's brainwashing model modern education is based said, "The desire for Liberty is not innate to the human psyche. People hold ideals of Liberty only because they have been exposed to the literature of Liberty." His point was that to enslave the coming generations to the New World Order, the ideals of Liberty had to be suppressed so people would willingly accept their slavery. However, he was not right - only partly right. The human spirit's natural desire is for Freedom. However, absent the vocabulary to express it, absent the knowledge that God is REAL and that their Liberty is God Given, and that any move to enslave the human or treat the human as a mere animal is evil; absent that knowledge a person is left with a dull longing for something more - unable to know what that something more really is and how it should work. That longing for freedom would be mixed and mistaken as simple emotional rebellion, so that along with the urge to be free would be guilt to accept ones fate and not cause any waves.  We see that fearful mentality at work in people even now. We have to Educate everyone in Liberty. Who can deny that this statement defines the hypocrisy of the elites: "While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage." The spiritual state of a person governs their capacity for Liberty. We have to find our foundational FAITH and learn that the SDE's new feel-good world religion is slavery.

The First Baby Steps in Liberty:

FAITH - Find it. We cannot be conformed to the spirit of this age, because that spirit is an enslaving spirit. The Spirit of Liberty has to be discovered and EXPERIENCED. It is the foundation and ground upon which everything that is life engendering is predicated. If you are ever interested in discovering this Life Giving Spirit of Liberty - I know a slew of people who can share it with you. 

Liberty in this time and this place means FIRST turning off the T.V., stop being "conditioned" by the 24 hr news cycle. So far books have only been suppressed and not destroyed - and many of them tell the true story not told in the educational establishment, pop-culture, or the so called "history channels", or the massive propaganda machine that is the so called "free press." They - that is, the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite (SDE) have been about the work of enslaving us for a century; we have to be smarter than them, and make sure our children and grand children are smarter as well. Knowledge is POWER. At the moment it is the ONLY power we have against the massive complex that is the SDE. And Knowledge is FADING FAST, and we are about to embark upon a new age of ignorance, controlled by technological tools of manipulations that make the whip and chain look friendly. There are no magic "fixes" for this. There is only blood, sweat, and hell to pay. And that, only if we are willing to educated ourselves and those around us. The other choice is a dull gray existence covered-over with hypno-technology, chemicals and death. 

Allen Keyes said rightly, "It is time we stand up and stop acting like children. It is time to act like adults."  It is time we each stopped passing the buck expecting someone else to pay the price for OUR Liberty. As the failure of the grand experiment proved, that method does not work. Apathy and ignorance equal slavery, always has from the dawn of time, and always will into the future.  In the course of human events, a population's fate is always in their own hands whether they realize that or not. Their knowledge, each person's awareness and truthful perceptions then is CRUCIAL. +++
I am Archpriest Symeon Elias - Here I Stand.

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