Monday, April 16, 2012

Mitt Romney Socialist

by Bill Ritchie on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 3:29pm ·

There is essentially no difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Both men are socialist. Both men betray their oath to our Constitution.

  1. Both men are questionable as to their status as natural born citizens required to serve as President of the United States. The issue with Barack has been publicized ad nauseum. But Mitt has a problem too. His grandfather renounced his citizenship and became a Mexican citizen because of his Mormon beliefs and his practice of polygamy. To date, there has been no record proving that Mitt's father was a naturalized citizen or a repatriated citizen at the time of Mitt's birth. Unless such records are produced, this makes Mitt just as ineligible to serve as Obama.
  2. Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts is probably one of the most liberal of any governor of either party. In fact, if you did not know better you would swear that it was Obama's record.
  3. Mitt Romney was an economic disaster for his state. Under his governorship, Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation at a time when the economy was growing! While the nation was experiencing 5/4% job growth, Massachusetts was struggling with only 1.9%. Why?
  4. Mitt Romney increased taxes and fees in Massachusetts by close to a billion dollars destroying any incentive for new businesses to start or existing businesses to grow by taking money out of the pockets of citizens and putting it in the state coffers to be spent like it was growing on trees. In fact, Mitt left a massive deficit  of $1 billion to his successor according to the Massachusetts Taxypayers Union and the Beacon Hill Institute.
  5. In addition Mitt Romney instituted Romneycare, ie. Socialized medicine. To this day, Massachusetts is struggling to stay above water and has massive debt.
  6. While we are on the subject of Romneycare which was passed 3 years after Mitt's supposed conversion to the pro-life view, under Romneycare you can receive an abortion, even a late-term abortion, for the low low price of $50.00. Don't worry Massachusetts taxpayers will pick up the rest of the bill.
  7. Corporate tax rates went up by 210 million under Romney leaving even the liberal Boston Herald to editorialize "And we wonder why companies look north, south, east and west, anywhere but Massachusetts, to expand?"
  8. There was a lot of furor recently over Obama trying to force the Catholic Church to pay for birth control for its female employees. People were crying that he was violating the freedom of religion. Well Barack. Meet Mitt. Mitt Romney Forced Catholic Charities, the nation’s #1 adoption and foster care service to place children with same sex couples even though he was under no legal obligation to do so as even former Governor Michael Dukakis has acknowledged.
  9. But it goes even farther Mitt Supports passage at the state level of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which would force churches and other religious organizations to hire homosexuals and transvestites or face criminal fines and prosecution.
  10. I have heard people say well at least Mitt won't choose liberal judges like Barack. But his record says something much different. Of the 36 people Romney named to be judges or clerk magistrates, 23 are either registered Democrats or unenrolled voters who have made multiple contributions to Democratic politicians or who voted in Democratic primaries, state and local records show. In all, he has nominated nine registered Republicans, 13 unenrolled voters, and 14 registered Democrats.

    Even a liberal outfit like the Boston Globe saw the obvious hypocrisy in Romney’s appointments.

    We don’t need to guess what Mitt Romney’s judicial appointments would be like as President. We need only to look at his existing record. The record shows it all and is further evidence that Mitt Romney is no conservative. Mitt Romney is a liberal.
  11. And what about foreign policy especially when it comes to the threat of Islam. Well there isn't a lot of difference there either. Both men think that moderate Islam wants to be our friends. Both men would try to appease them through diplomatic efforts. Barack seems to like to cuddle up to Muslism Brotherhood well Mitt thinks that Hezbollah is a role model for the US.
  12. What about the UN? Mitt Romney is a supporter of UN Agenda 21 and imported its twin monsters of sustainable development and cap and trade into Massachusetts. Like George H.W. Bush, Mitt cares nothing about ceding national sovereignty to the UN or about private property rights both guaranteed by our Constitution.
  13. In 2005 Mitt Romney signed an executive order forcing Catholic hospitals to make the abortion pill (RU486) available to patients.
  14. In 2003, Romney created the Green Energy Fund — a $15 million program designed "to provide equity capital, loans and management assistance to Massachusetts-based renewable energy businesses." Can anyone say Solyndra?
  15. Mitt Romney increased funding for homosexual education down to and including kindergarten.
  16. Mitt Romney supported the McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. Can you say amnesty?
  17. Mitt Romney is no fan of guns. Mitt did nothing to reverse gun control laws on the books which he described as some of the toughest in the nation. He also increased fees on purchases of guns.
  18. One last thing. Mitt has gotten a lot of credit for saving the Olympics. Well that isn't quite true. It was actually the taxpayers of the United States that saved the Olympics to the tune of 2.7 billion dollars. He even bragged about getting 1 million from the Dept of Education!

Again, if you were reading these statements one would think they were reading the history of Barack Obama, but no, this is Mitt Romney, the darling of the Republican establishment.

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