Thursday, July 12, 2012

Genocide by Scarcity - Peak Oil Mythology

Willaim Stanton, writing in the ASPO Newletter 55, July 2005

"In Third World nations, without oil, that can neither buy food nor grow it in adequate quantity without mechanised agriculture, a Darwinian struggle for shrinking resources of all kinds will be in full swing."  The fact is it was in full swing for more than a decade before, and it is a totally artificial situation and has a purpose. The Malthusians of the world, those dedicated to "the culture of death" are working overtime to create situations, no matter how horrible, for the destruction of unwanted populations. "Tribe against tribe, religion against religion, family against family, the imperative to survive will be driving strong groups to take what they want from the weak ones.  The concept of human rights will be irrelevant: 'How can the weak have rights to food, when there is not enough even for the strong'?" 

This is the underlying cause of the multi-wars, and massive violence in Africa. People manipulated by artificial shortages. Oil a "abiotic" not "fossil fuel." There cannot ever be a shortage - that is a fact. 

Aside from abiotic oil there is this technology and many other suppressed by the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite - we swim in a field of ambient energy that may be harnessed and used many ways. (Link)

These people, a wing of the Scientistic Establishment, The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO) are assigned the job to give the mythology of energy shortages "scientific cover."  True energy shortages are a mythology, but become real when those pressing the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite's agenda, create shortages from which we all suffer. Governments and Corporation need to be taken down by the masses when this trick is used for manipulation any where in the world. This is all about wealth, and the SDE keeping their power - it always has been. 

These propagandists look really, really innocent do they not? They were part of a psy-opts operation in the winter of 2012.  When the mass media starts hyping a "humanitarian crisis" know that the Scientific Dictatorship Elite have an agenda and people are about to die. This propaganda and these propagandists are shameless.

Of course when you do a psy-opts - propaganda campaign you need celebrities. Isn't it just amazing that this propaganda just happened to fit Obama's agenda?  It is not about the children. It is NEVER about the children. It is always about power and SDE Agenda. With this operation they proved that they could manipulate public opinion via, YouTube and Twitter. 

Remember the children in Waco that Janet Reno killed to "save" ? Let's not be naive.  

These people 30 years ago were driven into the bush to live in very primitive conditions by Muslim Militia who slaughtered entire villages. Kony didn't have to kidnap children, he rescued Christian children used by Muslims as slaves after they had killed their parents. The Muslim made sure that the bush was filled with Christian orphans. When they gathered and organized into a credible resistance force everyone was surprised. This fellow's sister founded the Lord's Resistance Army, and they fought back, which didn't sit well with the Muslim, UNESCO and the rest of the SDE.  After all Christians are supposed to just lie down and die, just like the Jew went peacefully to the gas chambers.  

It is not really about oil - it is not really about children, it is not really about human rights or any of the rest. It is about not allowing a corner of this earth to stand in resistance of the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite's Control.

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