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Perspective - Where Those Who Love Our Country Stand.

Perspective - March 25th, 2012.

No picture better describes the position of the Religious Constitutional Conservative in this nation and in this election cycle than a young David against a mammoth Goliath.  In fact what we who cherish the Faith and the Intent of Our Founding Fathers face is a pack of Goliaths. It is only by God's Mercy-filled Miracle that our chance at turning the direction of this country away from its present course of Sharia Compliant Marxist Socialism (Statism) and back toward our founding principles has not been totally crushed.

Goliath Number One: 
The Biggest Goliath we face is not who you probably think, as those reading this will already know of the mighty Goliath in the White House - the very reality of the Sharia Compliant Marxist Socialism I just named. However the biggest Goliath standing in our way are those of weak heart and shallow soul. They exist in two categories, (1) The totally ignorant - we have seen them interviewed on the streets a thousand times, unable to name the President and Vice President etc. (2)  People who view politics as a game. Who are "players and fans";  Whose total mentality is in "winning."  For decades this has been the level of "engagement" of too many American Citizens who place their votes on unsubstantial likes and dislikes, who talk about the candidates in terms of "feelings."  I just "feel" he is a good man.  I just "feel" there is something not right about him.  These are the people easily manipulated by the media and smart campaigns. They use the voter's prejudices and fears to manipulate. Of course such a once can only speak of feelings since it is their emotions being manipulated producing their stance, which they are clueless to explain. When they try they manage all the reason of a five year old saying, "Because."  When confronted with contrary fact, they are immediately angry and combative and unable to engage on a reasoned level. Why? Because they are conditioned to be "repulsed" by anything that would dare question their "conditioned stance."

Goliath Number Two:
Our Academic Establishment has been, for more than half a century, bending our educational system into the shape of a Saul Alinsky propaganda machine. Robbing now two generations of moral and critical thinking; making them "pleasure seekers" prone to preen in the presence of "positive reinforcement" and recoil from Truth as something evil. They are conditioned to view facts as relative, morals as irrelevant, making reasoning with them nearly impossible.  This Goliath is the main producer of  Goliath number one.
(HOW We Think Determines WHAT We Think - The Devolution of American Education)


Goliath Number Three: 
The Pop Culture.  Pop Culture, created by Goliath number two, encouraging talented and intelligent young people to use their talents for the purpose of the Sharia Compliant Saul Alinskyite Marxist Socialist State and its deconstructionist Social agenda. And 80 percent of Pop Culture complies adding to the wall of  noise, creating Goliath Number One.

Goliath Number Four:
New Age and Universalist - Politically Correct Theology. Sadly a huge portion of Protestantism, Liberal Judaism, New Ageism, and so-called, Secular (non-churched) Spirituality fit this category. It is a subset of Goliath number one, teaching tolerance of everything, to the point that the enemy who will kill you is denied, evil that will destroy you is denied. Reason is lost, insanity reigns. The leaders of this movement feed on the vulnerability of the people possessed of the mindset created by Goliath Number Two (Academic "conditioning").  The situation is so far gone that Rick Warren's book calling on the "positive reinforcement mechanism" of B.F. Skinner's Behavior Modification theory, became the world's best seller. "I'm Worth It" goes the mantra for greed and indulgence. "I'm a good person" goes the mantra, the excuse for any failure or any neglect of duty. "That's just the way I am" goes the mantra for selfish and aberrant behavior.  "If I don't do this someone else will" goes the mantra for taking advantage of others who are vulnerable. "I have as much right as anyone else" goes the mantra for greed and acquisition. These "churches" and "movements" create people highly dedicated to causes that cost them nothing, in which they may immediately receive gratification for being a "good person."  The Left also uses these same Behavior Modification "keys" to manipulate people into all sort of behaviors, all designed to forward the Sharia Compliant, Marxist Socialist Agenda.
(TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA: At Least That Is What Glen Beck Thinks.)

Goliath Number Five: The News Media.
All we have to do is repeat what is said of Goliath number three and four, because Goliath number five operates on exactly the same "feel good response" and "revulsion of truth" TRIGGERS. Every news story, every opinion piece, every advertisement is designed to pull the appropriate trigger for the response intended.

(The Media Blackout On All Things Embarrassing To Obama)

Goliath Number Six: Corporations manipulating through the media.
(A topic for another time)

Goliath Number Seven: Organized Labor
(A topic for another time)

Goliath Number Eight: The Government manipulating through the media and through positive and negative "reinforcers" via thousands of programs and campaigns, massive regulations and tax "incentives" and tax "disincentives."

In this election cycle one conservative candidate has stood against the power of ALL of the above Goliaths, plus a couple not yet named. The other conservative candidate has stood against seven of the eight. And both have faced down the Monster Goliath of Mitt Romney's $40,000,000.00 of his own money and his Attack-pac's 16 billionaires. They, along with some allies in the Democrat/Crony-Capitalist world, have called upon every one of the other Goliaths, used every method available to them, including changing laws at the last minute, manipulating rules, flooding the air waves with "conditioning triggering ads." Romney's machine has used a full court press engaged in a classic Saul Alinsky BIG LIE campaign. A Campaign designed to confound even people who have NOT been conditioned by Goliath number two. Those conditioned by Goliath number two "ought to be defenseless against this campaign" yet, here we are with Davids, one and two  - Gingrich and Santorum still standing!

Rick Santorum has employed Goliath Number Seven, mostly and cynically against his fellow conservative. Those rumors of "Democrat Help" really are not Democrat help but Organized Labor Help - just happens that most member of Organized Labor are Democrats.  Still, battling seven out of eight is better than enlisting all eight on your side as Romney has.

The bottom line is - given the massive strength arrayed against them, there is no "logical reason" ANY true conservative should still be standing, but they are and they will.

David - Newt Gingrich's sling shot has been very busy, and over and over in the last weeks he has landed solid shots that have caused the GIANTS to reel, and stagger. He has reframed the debate, set Romney and Obama back on their defenses, and off stride. David-Newt Gingrich is CONTROLLING the debate - FRAMING the issues and taking the fight to them in a full court press.

David - Rick Santorum has done a marvelous job using all Dr Gingrich's material - and he is welcome to it, if it helps stop Goliath Number Nine, Mitt Romney and his Attack Pac.

The moral of this lesson is:  Don't be a fan of Newt Gingrich. He doesn't need any fans, he need co-workers, who are awake and aware of the vast manipulations of the enemy.  He has been fully aware of the nature of the battle for a long time.  He first said this when introducing his Contract With American in the early 1990s and has recently repeated the core of this quote:

“The Left has thoroughly infiltrated nearly every cultural commanding height of our civilization. That is, they hold power, influence and control of academia, the elite news media, Hollywood, union leaders, trial lawyers, the courts, the Congress, and the bureaucracy at all levels of government. They are radically redefining our very culture by deciding what is news, what is entertainment, what our children learn in school, and what kind of government we should have.”
The LEFT is THE GOLIATH, but it has many heads. 

Glen Beck, "It really doesn't matter who is elected, because only God can save us now."

How many times in the last year have you heard Glen Beck utter these words, even mocking the idea that working for a "political end" "for a particular candidate" is somehow beneath the dignity of those who are "truly hoping to save our nation."  Don't buy the LIE.

Dear Glen Beck,
Taking your position, just for argument's sake, one has then to look to the closest thing to the Ideal Man, you would demands were he living and drawing breath.  Here is the fact, Newt Gingrich is the ONLY candidate who has baptized himself in the intent of the founding fathers, doing in depth studies of the same for books he wrote, and movies produced, he is the ONLY candidate that realized the extent of the attack on God in the public square, was shocked  awake in 2003 BECAUSE of the 9th circuit's ruling on "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. He quickly realized that God under assault everywhere in the public square. He is the only candidate who can articulate the "rightness" of putting God back into America and not sound like a fundamentalist prig; he is the ONLY candidate to have spent the last ten years examining ALL the nations major weaknesses and vulnerabilities and with his think tank creating and publishing solutions - ad to that the fact that he had a major religious conversion, and talked openly about his past transgressions and his need of redemption, and still ad to that the fact that he created the first republican majority in Congress in 40 year, saved the U.S. tax payer $1,500,000,000,000.00 (that is with a T) with his welfare to work reforms in the 1990s, and balanced the federal budget for 4 years in a row - - well unless you are expecting Jesus Christ Himself to step out of the clouds and announce his candidacy - you need to wake up. 

As to not having the power to accomplish anything, and one man not making a difference, and the fact that we need God's intervention in the history of our country and our hearts - you are absolutely right. But you remind me of the follow who asked God to save him from the rising flood waters.  A crew came by in a boat, but the fellow perched on his roof said, "No, I can't go with you because only God can save me. He has given me his word."  A little while later a rescue chopper shows up, and the fellow waves them off, saying the he has help already on the way.  As the water rose around his neck he said in disappointment and despair, "Lord, why aren't you saving me." And the Lord said, "I sent a boat, and a rescue chopper."  Well, maybe, just maybe the Good Lord has sent an old retired politician/history professor, with a track record of taking on and beating the establishment. Maybe just maybe the Good Lord has spent the last decade preparing him for office, baptizing him in the intent of the founding fathers, and our Country's need for God, and surrounded him with advisors working out solutions to seemingly intractable problems.  Maybe at the same time the Good Lord did some serious work on his soul and grounded him in the foundational Christian understanding. What candidate other than Dr Newt Gingrich comes close to this description 

One more thing. Can you picture a King,  when his realm is attacked that would sit back and say, "The major thing is that we don't argue here, in my council chambers." That would be insanity and the mark of a stupid King. WE THE PEOPLE are both the Sovereign and the Sovereign's Council in America, it is our JOB to engage. It is our JOB to argue and come to knowledge of those whom we choose to place in limited governance.  If you find it "unseemly" I'm glad you didn't live in the 1770s to 1790s you would never have survived it. Because not only did they debate EVERYTHING, and debate passionately, they took up weapons and in what seemed like an act of INSANITY, thirteen weak colonies took on the Greatest Empire the world to date had ever seen.  Yes, they did it prayerfully, totally aware of God's movement in history.  You need to wake up and start looking for the same - God's movement in history. And the path won't be obvious to you.  


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Media Blackout On All Things Embarrassing To Obama

Look at the different treatment given a social snub given George W. Bush and a social snub given Barrack Obama. It won't take two minutes and these pictures are worth a million words. They need to become a permanent memory in the minds of every American Citizen.
For the record I Googled Obama & Coward and got eight million five hundred and eighty thousand  hits, in a mere 1/4 of a second search.  Nearly four times the arrogant CNN reporter got with Bush & Bully.  And this passes for news!
All it would take to create this scene would be to warn the President just before he walked on stage that there was a security concern and not to shake hands. (There is assassination via sophisticated poison via handshake. That is how they almost killed the former president of Ukraine.)  You didn't see Bush reaching for a hand to shake, but CNN was gleeful to trash Bush over it. 

Here is a video of Barrack Obama in the company of the Russian President, meeting a group of Russian dignitaries.  Obama IS reaching for hands to shake and they are ignoring him. Check out the expression on Obama's face, there is no way this isn't an intentional, international snub. Something that every American had a right to know.  And of course you saw CNN anchors gleefully telling the story - no, nor ABC, nor NBC, nor CBS , nor FOX, nor any American News agency - total silence.  Can't have the great Sharia Compliant/Progressivist President look bad. 

When you think of the diplomatic ground Obama surrendered to the Russians with NOTHING in return in Eastern Europe. All the advantages of winning the Cold War gone in a heartbeat, withdrawing the missile defense shield from Poland with no quid-pro-quo from the Russians, throwing Ukraine, Georgia, and other eastern block countries under the bus, proving that as an ally we are not to be trusted, and there is a list of other humiliations Obama has taken from the Russians, this story has never REALLY been told.  At the moment we are clueless to the real story, but history will tell it and it will tell that this president was compromised to the Russians. I don't have a clue how he is compromised, but NO president who was not compromised would accept this behavior and the other humiliations and not make the Russians pay.

Laughing Muslim Mob Destroying Christian Graves - Thanks To Obama.

Laughing Muslim Brotherhood mob, supported by President Barrack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton desecrate dozens of Commonwealth War Graves in a Libyan cemetery. Headstones commemorating British and Allied servicemen, killed during World War II campaigns in the Western Desert between 1942 to 1943, lay smashed and strewn across Benghazi Military Cemetery and the Cross is also desecrated. 

This scene would have never happened if "the stupid people who are ruining our country" (to quote Herman Cain) had not voted into the Presidency a pro-muslim president, who in one short year delivered, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and soon Syria into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Congratulations Stupid People!
When the U.S. sided with the Muslim Terrorist in Kosovo, who had been raping nuns, assassinating priests and had already desecrated many Churches, we turned our backs on TRUTH.  I have pictures of NATO troops literally turning their backs while Muslim Mobs "partied" while destroying Churches, some buildings Seven Centuries Old.  We are paying the price NOW, the result of trusting the New World Order.  IF we do not stand, it won't be foreign graves of veterans that will be desecrated, it will be every Christian and Jewish grave and symbol in this country.  But that won't happen until they have killed or enslaved all the non-Muslims. That is their playbook and it is only our "normalcy bias" that blocks us from taking this warning seriously.  

The Garden Path Is Oh So Filled With Beauty

From WWII till today they've been leading us down the Garden Path, to what? 
2+2=4  = The Slaughterhouse.  
Doing whatever it takes to make the sovereign American Citizenry, mere subjects (Like almost every other person in almost every other country on earth is a mere subject, with rights capriciously granted and rescinded by the king, the dictator, or the government). Too many lazy and stupid people are perfectly willing to listen the propagandists like Glen Beck and Tom Hanks, who on the face of it you would think were very different, yet are leading you to the same fate; leading you to seek and accept Progressivist gods to serve, like Clinton, like Bush, like Obama, now like Romney, gods to whom you will be willing to surrender your sovereignty in exchange for a few more steps down the Garden Path - Not me. Not Now! Not Ever! Folks, we are very close to the end of the path.
If we surrender to any force that seeks to destroy the American Citizenry's Sovereignty, (and we have been slowly, methodically for two generations) to any international establishment, the U.N., the nebulous but very real Sharia Compliant/Marxist New World Order, the Sharia Compliant/Progressivism here in the U.S., what leads you to believe that we will fair better than the Ukrainians, Christians and Jews under Stalin, the Jews, and REAL Christians under Hitler, the peasants under Pol Pot, the educated, teachers and artists under Mao's cultural revolution? Wake up!  Unless you are stupid and lazy enough to compliantly walk to the gas chambers, or some other slaughterhouse, after working as slaves, you had better wake up.  As you will see the Marxist/Progressivist playbook hasn't change much in 70 years. Took us two generations to over come the last attempted takeover by the progressivist Roosevelt and his minions - remember when we ended up with a FOUR TERM President - El Presidente for Life. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lesson Time: The Counsel of Demons

The longer I live, the more I realize that the so-called "sciences" of psychiatry and psychology are demonic at their core. 

(1) A friend of mine is an expert on the abuses of the Foster Care system, which is a constant stream of hellish stories, from which we all turn our heads and choose to believe without evidence that Foster Care is a lesser evil. 

(2)  I've observed the methodology (read mythologies) of the ever malleable psychological sciences.  What I've come to know is that the modern "mind sciences" (excluding the physical science of neurology) are "cultish guilds" and parodies of the grasp of the human psyche held by the Holy Fathers of Christianity, and explicated in scripture and the Church's Orthodox Psycho-Therapy.  There is a Christian/Orthodox Spiritual Psychology that is capable of "healing."  The Secular Humanist discipline, analyzes but rarely heals. (In fact because of its slavery to extreme materialism, it more and more claims that "healing is impossible" that men are slaves to D.N.A.) 

(3) On the dark side there are stories, after stories of the destructiveness of secular psychiatry and psychology. 

(4) In my professional life, I met three of the most published and well respected psychiatrist/psychologist of the latter 20th century. One was extremely famous, a cult leader.  Many parents reeling from the damage of Dr Spock, left with children out of control, sought "saviors".  The author Eliot Wigginton, founder of the FoxFire movement, was such a savior, who turned out to be a serial pedophile. 

(5) Many wealthy people looked to yet another savior,  Dr. Louis Poetter, who founded the famous "troubled youth hospital" Annawakeee. Public record, both. Poetter a serial pedophile created his little hen house. I never went on the campus that my skin didn't crawl. Everything looks soooooo normal, but in my gut and without proof I knew.

(6) I guess old age is having its effect because I can't recall the third fellow's name, (I keep thinking Marcus Berry - but that is the cocaine addicted mayor of D.C. - but the name is similar).  He was the most diabolical of the three. At the time of his arrest he was the most published child psychologist of his day.  Sitting in his living room, I was always aware that one particular highly decorated mirror was really a one-way mirror.  It always made me wary. Little did I know that on the other side of that mirror was a sound-proofed torture chamber. This doctor's wife was alway there, and she wasn't prosecuted!  She was a coconspirator and should have been. It is a joke to think that she didn't know what was happening in her own house.

(7) Add to this the hellish mythology of "recovered memory" that terrorized daycare workers, school teachers, pastors, priests, and any honest help professional for a generation. Poor souls who have done HARD time in prison on the testimony INVENTED by sadistic psychologists, using hypnosis and "suggesting" crimes.  My God, people sent to prison, doing hard time, to finance the fame and fortune of sick psychologist and psychiatrists.  Would that this were a fantasy and my writing a "mere rant"!  I would LOVE IT were that the case.

(8) This is yet one more scandal of the Secular Humanists, which in shear volume of shame makes the scandal of the Roman priests look like nothing.  The RECOGNIZED evil doers in this secular humanist "help professions" number in the 30 percentile range.  (Also as high among protestant ministers, according to some published reports, published by the protestant groups themselves.) The recognized evil doers in the Church related help professions is less than 2 percent. You do the math. 

(9) And don't be fooled by the mere 30 percent of evil doers. 
And when I say, "Recognized" when we are speaking of secular humanist "counselors" of all sorts, a great deal of the harm they do is legally counted as "right, just, moral and ethical" when in fact it is something quite different.  When I use the word, "demonic" it is not an exaggeration. 

(10) Many of you, conditioned by the media, will not want to hear it, but the fact is the present assault on our liberties began in earnest in 1996 in Kansas, when a serial rapist who had served his time was not released from prison.  The case when to the supreme court and they ruled with Kansas, that they had a right to imprison him as an imminent danger to society.  I told anyone who would listen.  "Look it is a tough sell to say, 'When they came for the rapists, I said nothing because I wasn't a rapist." '  And history proved me right because next they came for the pedophiles.  See, still in your hear you are saying, "Good."  But in both cases they had to shred the constitution to continued to incarcerate. I knew that if they could incarcerate without charges a specific category, ultimately they could incarcerate any category they chose.  Do you think it is innocent that they have named people who believe in God as potential terrorists? Do you think it is innocent that they have named people who own guns as potential terrorist?  Do you think it is innocent that they have named people who hate Obamacare as potential terrorist?  These and twenty more "categories of people" have been invented. And IF we do not awaken and take back our country, pretty soon they will be coming for the category YOU are in. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

LESSON TIME: Who Is The Ruler of America?

Saint Tamara, Queen of Georgia
A Great Warrior for Christ.

I want to share this exchange because it is enlightening and exposes a mindset grappling with American Liberty.

My friend is a deeply dedicated Christian, a convert from Islam - and these LESSON TIME entries have been inspired by our exchanges.  He is trying to deal with the Eastern Orthodox teachings on submission to authority, a subject of interest to Christians in the U.S. and a great source of confusion to many Orthodox teachers and Orthodox Christians in America and around the world.

He writes.
Sorry if we cannot agree on some of our wording but seems that in heart, we are probably the same mind. FIGHT for Christ ALWAYS or we lose the real battle. Fight militarily when we must, but realize how the Christians lived under Diocletian, Nero and many other nonmuslim atrocities from the beginning. Jesus could have called on His Angels to change our government and make him King and the people were ready (John 6:15), but he refused. I am strongly in favor of fighting militarily when we must and can as long as we ALSO fight for our own souls at the same time. 

If we don't have Christ preserving our hearts and focus on the wrong enemy, we can become part of his force on earth by fighting only the government and not for our souls. Genocide of muslim villages was used to build propaganda AGAINST our Orthodox countries. While if we compared the real numbers of 15,000 vs. 2.8 million, it is much less (thank God), I would NOT want to have murdering of children and Moms become the rule of our day just because those children and Moms are muslims. 

Great example of war that is just and balanced was St. Tamara, Queen/King of Georgia. She fought and led the army to battle and win against muslim invaders WHILE at the same time, she abided in regular prayer and almost monastic dedication to God all her life. Her treatment of conquered muslim villages led them to FREELY choose to follow God in Christ Jesus and thousands of muslim villages were Baptized into our Holy Orthodox Church. 

My deepest desire is for Christ to be formed in us whether I am being tortured for Christ or I am living as relatively free as we are now. My prayers are also for you dear brother. +++

There is nothing my friend wrote here with which I disagree, however he hasn't actually spoken to the American situation:  Here is my reply.
The situation under Diocletian, Nero etc, was a different circumstance. I do not believe it represents the model of how Christians are to react to "usurpers" over the American Citizen's sovereignty. Nothing said in scripture or "eastern" tradition vis a vis "the subject and Caesar," directly governs my responsibilities as an American Citizen, vis a vis those in authority in the U.S., except where I honor and help preserve the rights of each individual citizen.  That sounds radical but please consider:

Those raised in Eastern Orthodoxy in the old world, and Muslims speak from a false paradigm when dealing with these issue in America. Even the term "ruler" does not apply here, because as instituted by God, the American people are the "Ruler" here, (clearly stated in our Constitution, "WE The People, in order to form a more perfect union . . . " NOT we the elite, we the royal, we the kings, we the princes, etc." Collectively are THE Sovereign, and just as Pharaoh delegated a certain amount of power (in fact a great amount of power) to Joseph, Joseph was never the "ruler" only A governor delegated certain powers. Had Joseph tried to exercise power outside of his delegated authority, the rule, Pharaoh would have used what ever means necessary to conquer the usurper.  

The president of the U.S. is NOT a ruler, he is delegated certain powers by the ruler, which is the American people. So you see in a real way, none of the models previously used by Eastern Orthodoxy apply directly to America. Of course all the "moral teachings" do apply, so that we are not anarchist, but subject to "rightful rule." We are subject to our fellow citizens, who are Ordained by God to rule. We ARE subject to properly delegated and exercised powers of those delegated to govern, but the second that those "governors" step outside of constitutional right, they have become "outlaws" and in truth hold no legitimate power over the ruler who installed them. The rebellion of those delegated authority by WE THE PEOPLE, would be no different if Joseph had rebelled against Pharaoh. WE THE PEOPLE never abdicate our place as Ruler, so ordained by God and as long as there are any citizens who grasp this truth, we NEVER will.  

Of course I do not suggest "genocide of muslims." This is of that false paradigm earlier mentioned. Nor do I suggest persecution of muslims or mis-treatment of muslims. I say rather that although a muslim may be delegated certain and particular powers to "govern" he/she will never be "ruler." I as a citizen am only subject to such a governor when they exercise "properly delegated powers." 

Obama has clearly stepped outside of constitutionally delegated powers and become a usurper. He is a criminal to the American people not our president. Many millions at this point realize that, many millions do not. 

Your last paragraph we are in perfect agreement. 

Yes, I agree that St Tamara's example shines, but again the model does not exactly fit. At this point in time our greatest enemies are within, as you know well and we have discussed on many levels. Those who refuse to accept constitutional limits of governance are our enemies, usurpers of "rule", whether foreign or citizen. 

LESSON TIME: Humble Act vs Humble Reality

Great Schema Archimandrite Damian,  
Someone please explain to me how the great
warrior Saint Michael the Archangel, lacks humility?
Saint Michael's humility is not in an effeminate
appearance or manner, nor in being malleable to others,
nor in refusing to lift the sword and lead angels
and men into battle,  (Saint Lazar as an example) instead
his humility is expressed in his abject capitulation
to God's will.
My friend who sparked these thoughts about our duties as an American Citizen vs the Church's teaching of humility before God and worldly authority, wrote:

"Humble unto God always! I cannot see any way "around" this, for God exalts the humble and gives Grace to the humble, but he rejects the proud. Humble YES, Passive NO! Humble YES, subjugated without resistance NO!"

In this statement I think without realizing it he summed up my understanding, though I use more militant words:

 We are in basic agreement according to your last sentence. It is quite different to interpret "humble before GOD" as being, passive before our fellow man. So many interpret humility before GOD, as the latter, making it a humble ACT before men,  instead of an obedience unto God.

In the religion of my parents the more effeminate the man, the more they saw him as humble. It didn't take me long to learn that lurking just under the skin of such "humble acts" were men filled with resinous pride, not truly humble at all.  (Although there were glaring and saintly exceptions.)

The greatest humility any one can show is to be obedient to their God given calling, that is to God's overarching meaning for their life, and God calls some to very worldly vocations.

Here is a quote from my spiritual mentor and confessor, Great Schema Archimandrite Damian (May he repose in God's Divine Light) about how we find that "overarching meaning and purpose for our life."

“A great deal of our task in the world is shown to us in "On-the-Job training”, so to speak, while we are working and eating. We start by doing what we can do, what we are told to do, what we have to do, and what we have been doing. We learn what we ought to do by doing these things prayerfully, through which we may sometimes see what we could be doing instead - or the Lord may simply want us to keep on doing exactly what we are doing, whether we like it or not. If everyone on earth tried to live a richly gratifying and exciting life, the world might not long endure. And the patient endurance of dullness, on the other hand, may be a very useful virtue to learn. 

“In addition to patience, we must learn not to judge. People are seldom as good at that as they think, and not always anxious to learn better. But the Lord may have something worldly He wants us to do, and we should always be ready to learn that or to tolerate it in others. These things cannot be explained; we must just take them as He sends them. Life is not meaningless just because we do not understand it. And our Orthodox Faith is not confused just because our reason cannot hold it together for us." 


My criticism wasn't directed at my friend, but at the prayer, suggesting that we should pray to live in peace under the rule of communist and/or muslims. I will never pray, Lord give me humility to live peacefully under a communist or muslim government. This is the foolishness and cowardice of past generations that destroyed the Church and Christian people in the East as documented in Bat Be'or works. I will pray, as the founders of this Country prayed, "Lord give us the strength to throw off tyranny."

Thursday, March 15, 2012

LESSON TIME: Humility and the Public Square


Since in America the people are the "sovereigns" "ordained by God with inalienable rights" who institute power in the ruling authorities, who "govern" the ruling authorities by oversight, repeal, and expulsion from office, they the people themselves are as noble as any king when defending the "Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness" of the realm. This defense requires activity in the public square and STANDING for the good. To accept this IS responding in humility to the gift God has given us. I for one would be much happier retired to a quiet life of prayer than engaged in the public debate, BUT in obedience I accept the vocation of what seems a most worldly thing, and in humility act upon the special gift granted me by God as an American citizen and engage.

A friend questions why "humility" in Phillipians Chapter Two - for him meaning servitude to authority, isn't universal. How could there appear an exception to this "humble behavior" in the American Public Square.

Answer: The key to Phillipians 2 - is "Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others." This governs everything else said about humility in this book, because it signifies, not just humility, like disappearing into the wood work, but the humility to accept the indignity of the defense of others. (To be the warrior.) This has very special significance in America where we are ALL called upon to protect the "Life, Liberty and Property" of our fellow citizens. That is why - before the darkness descended upon free speech in the U.S. it was commonly heard said:

"I hate everything he said, in fact I find what he said repugnant, but I will defend to my death his right to say it."

In America when I act for the good, it is acting for the good of ALL. When I exercise my right, or honor someone else's rights, I'm preserving the rights of ALL. i.e. "Not looking to my own things only, but also on the things of others." - etc.

The fact is that this grasp of "looking out for the things of others" SHOULD apply to the citizens in every nation upon the earth, no matter the "form of government" their nations holds, for the practical purpose of securing just rule for all. Our country is the only country where this concept was our founding, was codified in our constitution. "All men created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are . . "

This understanding is lost in many societies on earth where the mantra is "try not to be noticed while you do what is necessary for family, for survival." Survival against the injustices of tyranny is NOT what the struggle in America should be, though it may become that and to a degree IS that at the moment. But what must be understood, that to struggle against 'unjust rule' IS acting in humility.

Our Founding Fathers were not arrogant men, but rather men of great humility, realizing that everything they owned, their Lives, their Honor, their Property, were not to be "arrogated" to themselves, but humbly used, humbly spent, humbly given away if needed for the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness of ALL.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Newt Gingrich:Tried, Tempered, Tested and Ready to Be President.

My opinion of Newt Gingrich:
One of the Greek philosophers basically repeated Solomon saying, “The learning of many things does not teach understanding” - (Heraclitus) I think there was a time that Newt Gingrich fit this definition. First time I met him (30+ years ago) I was blown away at the depth of his knowledge. But my brother and I greatly differed on just how wise he was. My brother was a total fan and to put it mildly, I wasn't. 

Not discounting Dr Gingrich's major accomplishments in his previous tenure in office, which admittedly were remarkable; truth be told, I think it took humiliation, suffering, and the grief of seeing the state of our Nation in the last seven years before the depth of Wisdom was added to that vast knowledge Newt possesses. 

At this point in time, Newt Gingrich is not just the most knowledgeable man in the race, but deeply wise. - Nothing but tough hits, hard knocks, suffering and learning from our errors creates that. 

My opinion of Mitt Romney: 
By comparison, emotionally, Mitt Romney is still a teenaged boy, still uncomfortable in his own skin,trying to manipulate everything he sees to get his way, without regard to TRUTH or collateral DAMAGE.  To put it mildly he is Newt Gingrich's inferior in every way except greedy accumulation of wealth. Mitt has Newt beat there a few hundred times over. Romney has run a Saul Alinsky like campaign using massive wealth to tell the Big Lies to try to destroy Dr Gingrich.  He lied bold faced in the debates saying that none of his companies had done business with the government, when in fact not only had they done business with the government, one of his companies, while he owned it, DEFRAUDED the American Taxpayer to the tune of ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR MILLION DOLLARS ($124,000,000.00). For all the ways Romney is Gingrich's intellectual inferior, when it comes wisdom, multiply that inferiority exponentially.

Rick Santorum was the only candidate in the race, beside Newt Gingrich for whom I would have gladly voted, for whom I could have voted without rending my conscience and knowing that I was assenting to something unreal and false.  Rick Santorum I believe to be a very decent man.  I think at the moment he is facing the biggest trail of his life . . . the biggest temptation as it were. We all know that Romney's campaign, and the 16 Billionaires who comprise the support for his attack pac, would spend any amount of money to purchase Rick Santorum's support and delegates.  You can bet he is being offered Ivy League educations for this children, massive donations to go to research of the particular illness that holds his daughter Bella in it grip, cash to retire his debt, plus myriad possibilities of national office.  He is being told that if he plays ball with the establishment that the rest of his life he will be a major "player" on the national scene.  The problem is, Rick Santorum cannot endorse Mitt Romney without violating the closely held principles he said were his drivers and motivation to enter the race in the first place.  He stands with Newt, by his own testimony, on a host of issues and holds almost nothing in common with the Saul Alinsky Big Lie Campaign that Romney and his attack pac have waged against him.  Paraphrasing Newt, talking about his own race last Easter Sunday, (4/8/2012) all Newt has to offer him is the shadow of The Cross, a chance to sacrifice, a likely road to debt and so on. I am praying that he is a true patriot and is unwilling at any price to see our election process so abused, destroyed by a Romney win. I'm hoping and praying that the words of our founders concerning their quest for Liberty rings in his heart and mind and that he is willing to Pledge his life, his fortune and his sacred honor for Liberty and finds in his heart the courage to endorse, campaign with and participate in our patriotic task of saving our Republic from the Saul Alinskyites. 

My opinion of Ron Paul:
Much of what he says concerning the desecration of the Constitution is correct, and much of it is not. He is a Libertarian Secularist and one cannot discern the true meaning of the constitution from that perspective. That philosophically incompatible with the motives and intentions of The Founders.  Also Ron Paul's foreign policy, even some of his domestic policy is straight out of the Muslim Mafia's Playbook, word for word. 
(Ron Paul's Foreign Affairs Policy -Straight From The Muslim Supremacists' Handbook.)

Newt Gingrich is the whole package of knowledge matched with wisdom. IF he is elected, Americans WILL work with him, and this Republic really will see a new day. Let us not kid ourselves, this country has been greatly injured in the last decade and especially in the last three years and we have under the best scenario ten month of more damage (and there will be much more damage.)  Under the best of circumstances it will be tough times - like recovering from surgery, but imbued with NEW LIFE and completely different with a truly hopeful future. 

When Newt quotes Solomon, "Where there is no vision, the people perish" He knows that is absolutely true. We ALL have been very vocal about all the things that are wrong, but he has been busy creating solutions to right the wrongs. You can't function just being against stuff, you have to have a vision of where to go and how to get there. But I suggest that Newt also knows the last part of that sentence of Solomon, and NOW possess the WISDOM and grit of it. That sentence speaks to his maturity, "but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." He knows that "keeping the law" works for himself and for this nation. When he speaks of the "out of line" federal judiciary, he knows they have stopped caring about the basic "law of God" which is summed up in the Ten Commandments and the Two Great Commandments of Jesus and The Declaration of Independence. He knows these things are essential to human nature, to human happiness and prosperity. The Judges are "out of line" and must be returned to the foundation of the LAW, that is, the GOD given right of very citizen to LIFE, LIBERTY and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Newt is the only Candidate that had dared to mention this subject.

Gas $2.50 VOTE NEWT 2012