Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If You Have Any Doubt That These Are Apocalyptic Times?

Then take the time to read this exchange.   The depth of deception should be obvious to any who are even semi-awake.  This is a conversation between yours' truly and a ROMNEY Big Lie operative.  I had to entertain this f---er to throw him off his game. I cannot manage any sympathy for his lying spirit. 

Serious question - do any of you honestly believe that this sort of sophomoric, childish, tit for tat, B.S. is going to win an election?? MILLIONS are out of work - 180 MILLION people HATE OROMNEY CARE AND OBAMA CARE! Thanks Republican IDIOTS. We constitutional conservatives really, really, really , really , really appreciate your STUPID BILL BOARDS. 

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    • Tony Kirk So what is your point? Your mad about a fake billboard, mad about the fact that Obama has double standards, or what? I have a hard time keeping up with what it is you support.
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    • Piano Butch I am really, really, really angry at the fake candidate the RNC whored for us. In all your feak'n creative imagination could you create a weaker candidate?????????????????????????????????????? I would loved to have been a fly on the wall when the NRC said, "Let us run an Obama Twin." IDIOTS ALL. Are you here to defend this insanity?
    • Tony Kirk Well, I am voting for him over Obama...so enjoy. Just wondering, in all your ranting - have you ever said who you backed at any one time?
    • Tony Kirk And actually i can name a few weaker ones, most ran and didnt get very far.
    • Piano Butch Anyone is is NOT a socialist New World Order clone.
    • Piano Butch Tony - fake election - fake results. Oh yea, we really are going to work for and get out for this New World Order clone. - - - Good luck with that.
    • Tony Kirk So who was your candidate again, you lost focus.
    • Piano Butch ANY candidate who isn't a New World Order Clone. Do I need to put spaces between the letters so you can read slowly?
    • Tony Kirk Ok, let me ask you for a THIRD time....NAME the candidate YOU would like to see of all those that had their hat in the ring at one time.
    • Piano Butch A G A I N , A N Y   C A N D I D A T E   W H O   I S    N O T    A   S O C I A L I S T ! !
    • Tony Kirk Wow, you are horrible at giving an answer. So anybody but Romney then? So Huntsman okay? What about Pawlenty?
    • Tony Kirk You ok with Obama?
    • Piano Butch That like asking a plague victim if they would rather have ebola - and THAT is the choice you IDIOT gave us. The Plague or Ebola. 
    • Tony Kirk Should that be idiots...plural or is it just my selection? Still waiting for your reply to T-Paw or Huntsman. Or did you ever actually back anyone....maybe just one of those people that complains all the time.
    • Piano Butch Living proof that public education has left you incapable of the mental process of abstraction.
    • Tony Kirk And proof that you just cant name someone and dodge the question.
    • Tony Kirk And if private school gave you that education that your sporting, then glad I didnt waste my time. But I would be happy to compare educational backgrounds anytime pops.
    • Piano Butch 
      Tony - I wrote an article today about idiots just like you. Here is the quote: "Thus those questions, 'Where are we? How can we discover it? What do we do now?"'

      "Everyone wants to start with the last. They say to me when they begin to perceive in panic the abyss into which these mad men have dumped our Republic, "Is that all you can do, harp and complain? Just tell me what you propose to do." I tell them and they cannot hear it; ninety-nine percent will say, "But you haven't offered any solutions!" They can't hear or take seriously the "first step" toward a future solution. What they mean when they say, "What do you propose we do?" is - "inside the fantasy of perceptions I own, how can you instantly and painlessly fix these things I see that now trouble me."

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    • Piano Butch 
      ‎"In the last few months, since it seemed apparent that Mitt Romney was going to be the Republican nominee, I've answered angry question after angry question and witnessed the mighty Romney Spin machine try to round up all the disaffected, non-romney folks, with a massive lie campaign, to little success. At this point they are frustrated and angry as they try by philosophical and mental gymnastics to twist Romney into an acceptable choice. If they can't do that, if you don't buy it, then they bully you, become abusive and/or try to guilt you into accepting him. The intellectual dishonesty of these Romney activists is truly amazing. It is grinding, boring, uncreative, evil, driven by fear in some and deception in others."
    • Piano Butch I offer this while you think -
      Bond Robin and the GPB Orchestra play an original piece by Bond Robin.
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    • Tony Kirk LOL...ah I get the "idiot" label form you, now thats good form on your part. So I am an idiot because I think you ramble about things that are just plain off the wall or because I am voting for Romney over Obama? I love when people like you think you are so intelligent, yet your fallback point is name-calling. Didnt you start this thread off by complaining about people acting a certain way?
    • Piano Butch Well, I don't want a word to hold you back from an Epiphany so NO TONY YOU ARE NOT an idiot - just the RNC and about how many thousands of Idiotic Republicans who have you here trying to defend the indefensible.
    • Tony Kirk 
      See Piano, you act like people are beating down your wall to vote for Romney. Hey guess what - dont if you like. Stop acting like the martyr of the voting public. I never see anyone on here attacking you, yet every other day you posted something that is anti-Romney. I also will remain defensive around people like yourself who claim to fight for "christian" beliefs and freedoms but then seem to have the full understanding to judge who is and is not christian. In the end Romney > Obama - so there is my vote.
    • Piano Butch Sorry, Tony - but you proved yourself clueless - locked in a false dialectic created for you. IF you held an ounce of humility you might learn something. But the pop culture has destroyed any idea that an old man like me might know something you do not. Good luck with that.
    • Piano Butch More thinking music - by the way - I wrote all this music - most of it decades ago.
      Featuring the paintings of Mary Cassatt
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    • Tony Kirk 
      LOL...what? Pop Culture...how old do you think I am? And what "false dialectic" are you speaking. I have a ton of humility but I normally take notes form people that I consider well versed in a subject and knows maybe more than I do about it. So exactly, outside of muscial knowledge, would you be teaching about - politics, theology, or something else. Also, I can appreciate what appears to be some wonderful muscial skills that the Father has blessed you with...so kudos to that.
    • Tony Kirk Ever notice that you seem to like to label people as idiots or clueless when they dont agree with you. I remember teenage girls that did that in high school.
    • Piano Butch Tony - sorry - it is the false dialect that you have gained from the culture. Now slow down and consider where we are - please read this carefully and we will talk in the morning - tell me what is false about this article.
      Saint Anthony said, "A time is coming when men will go mad. They will take hold ...See More
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    • Piano Butch http://youtu.be/C_18UvrmaEY
      An Original composition in celebration of the work of famed lanscape artist, Albert Bierstadt.
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    • Tony Kirk So is everyone under 50 years old suffering from my problem as you put it?
    • Piano Butch Tony - what if it is true?
      A little original jazz piece written by Bond Robin in celebration of all the pre...See More
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    • Piano Butch There are forces that seek to enslave us - and people under 50 - conditioned by the BF Skinner Behavioral Conditioning are defenseless - unless they experience an Epiphany.
      57 minutes ago · 
    • Piano Butch http://youtu.be/bv2sWzQ_UDQ
      If you want to know what you truly can't live without, I've included about 200 pictures of it. The most frightening thing to happen in my decades of living w...
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    • Piano Butch Tony - before the government got in involved in education - I had six months of piano lessons and I play like a concert artist - and list among my friends many famous and talented people. Why? My education was real and from the 1970s to today it is FAKE. Not education but conditioning. http://drbutchandcompany.blogspot.com/2011/11/how-we-think-determines-what-we-think.html
      Saint Anthony said, "A time is coming when men will go mad. They will take hold of you and say, 'You are mad. You are not like us.'" Welcome to the modern world. “I see myself as neither scientist nor religionist, but as a human being prepared to use various ways of knowing in the pursuit of truth. ...
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    • Tony Kirk Well there is a twist on an old saying...instead of dont trust anyone over 40, now its dont trust anyone under 50? Have to disagree, I could even suggest that it is people over 50 that have gotten us in this mess. It many be the under-30 crowd that is now getting active that saves us from this.
      53 minutes ago · 
    • Piano Butch http://youtu.be/uu46K-ETehE
      Bond Robin's arrangement of the classic by the Doors, Light My Fire. Bond created an audio track in the Music Minus One tradition for live performance. Bond'...
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    • Piano Butch Tony - I've lost to assassination my close friend Congressman Larry McDonald, Radio personality Bill Cooper, my brother Ted Jacobs - assassinated by Nato in the first few days of the Kosovo FAKE war. - WAKE up - You are playing the WIT - and I've experienced BLOODSHED.
      51 minutes ago · 
    • Piano Butch 
      Tony - ask yourself - why is Emanuela de Paula - one of the five most beautiful women in the world in my videos, on my FB page defending me. There are patriots in this world who are fighting by every unconventional means to restore LIBERTY - because liberty is LOST and YOU do not know it - THAT IS THE FALSE DIALECTIC I previously mentioned.
      Original Composition by Bond Robin (a.k.a. Marion Robinson - Piano Butch) Bond Robin and the GPB Orchestra.
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    • Tony Kirk 
      Sir, you dont my experiences, background (educational or work), please dont put yourself out there as someone who alone has been part of those types of things and are alone in the ability to see the world for what it is. Until you know me....dont dare act like I dont know what I am talking about or have been through things you know nothing about. Thats the problem when you make assumptions about people. So please stop being so damn condescending and self-rightous. And I dont know why you think anyone would care that you know a model.
      38 minutes ago · 
    • Piano Butch 
      Sorry Tony - if you are supporting Romney a known member of the New World Order - endorsed by pappa Bush WHAT am I to think of you? My Bishop watched his father bled like a PIG on the doors of his church for daring to hold services. When you think about the fake candidate Mitt Romney - and the false dialectic the NWO has prepared for you - remember the millions who starved in Ukraine by the same dynamic - LIES, LIES, LIES.
      Bond Robin Plays a Waltz dedicated to Archbishop Alexander (Bykowetz) and the Capital of his beloved country, Ukraine. Archbishop Alexander is a survivor of ...
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    • Piano Butch BTW - the first paycheck she took from Fox News I officially disowned her.

      Bond Robin and the GPB Southern Rock Band play their cover rendition.
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    • Piano Butch http://youtu.be/4Fd8_gojNXc
      Live june 1991 in Doby Digital, 1st concert after James brown was released from prison. It is not complete, look at the several video-responses i posted (rig...
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    • Tony Kirk 
      I have stated that between the two Obama and Romney, I am voting for Romney. Now you are bitching about people trying to get you to vote for Romney, now stop bitching at me for taking him over Obama. You take what you want, but it shows that you come across in a self-absorbed manner. I have tried to have a conversation with you, yet you continue to act like you are talking to someone inferior to you and make judgements of my background without knowing me. As for Congressman McDonald, my father worked with him and knew him well. As far as Bill Cooper, I did read his book, and well in the end...I think he was a fraud and a piece of trash for what he did. And no I will not debate that with you. So, mock me if you like for whom I will vote, but so be it. I wont lose any sleep knowing that you find your self so superior to everyone else. Enjoy.
      23 minutes ago · 
    • Piano Butch So there you have it - sit with Lucifer and enjoy yourself.
      19 minutes ago · 
    • Tony Kirk So I guess that makes Obama, Jesus? I am done. You sit there and vote for neither and enjoy whatever comes from that.
      17 minutes ago · 
    • Piano Butch What part of the NeoCons and the Marxist have joined forces can't you understand?
      16 minutes ago · 

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