Sunday, July 15, 2012

Get Off My @ss - by Justin Roessler.

GET OFF MY @SS! by Justin Roessler on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 5:23pm 

 To all those that continue to accuse me of supporting the MUSPOS bama by refusing to vote for the liberal democrat candidate that the RNC has shoved down our throats, FACTS: 

The ONLY ONES helping the MUSPOS bama win are the GOP and RNC!!!!!!!!!! 

 I absolutely and categorically reject your ludicrous assertions that I support Obama because I refuse to support a fraudulent “severely Conservative” shill! Conservatives in this country demand that we have a CONSERVATIVE.... not another democrat to vote for. Romney is a democrat, nothing more. 

(1) Romney engineered socialized medicine in America. 
(2) Romney is anti-gun. 
(3)  Romney supported bailouts. 
(4)  Romney supported stimulus. 
(5) Romney is pro-abortion. 
(6) Romney is Pro- amnesty for illegal aliens. 
(7)  Romney supports big government. 
(8) Romney supports Federal socialized healthcare (“repeal and REPLACE”).
(9) Romney supports Globalization and the United Nations. 
(10) Romney voted for, or actively supported Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Ted Kennedy, Paul Tsongas and other radical leftist democrats as late as 1992. 

Bill Clinton was too conservative for him to support for Christ sake! 
(11) Romney supported and voted for Tsongas in the 1992 primaries despite his lies that claim he always voted for a Republican candidate if on the ballot.    (12) Romney is a man who has held every side of every position one could possibly hold and whose current positions are almost indistinguishable from those of Obama. Every time I hear someone say “If you don't vote for Romney, you're assuring an Obama win” it makes me see red. THAT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT! The Republican Party has NEVER in history won a Presidential election with a progressive moderate candidate EVER. Let alone a progressive liberal such as Romney. Every single progressive moderate/liberal candidate has been soundly defeated by the democrat candidate. If you choose to hide your head in the sand pretend Romney is a Conservative and ignore the plain truths about him and his record, YOU ARE THE ONES assuring the re-election of the MUSPOS bama! NOT THE CONSERVATIVES WHO ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOMS! You can save your holier than thou righteous "you are causing Obama to win" drivel because CONSERVATIVES AREN'T BUYING IT! There is a populace that has been growing over the past two decades that knows It's right and is unmoved by these silly, defeatist calls to vote for the loser nominee. Go help Obama win by repeating history, but blame yourselves, not conservatives. I respect every ones right to vote as their conscience allows, I just ask the same level of respect from others. Do not attack me or my patriotism for standing for what I believe in. If anyone does not like my opinions they are free to un-friend me.

Father Symeon adds - Our answers are not in the presidential election. They COULD HAVE BEEN had we chosen someone outside those approved by the elite, to rule. But we didn't, we actually chose the person they chose FOR US. Every one KNOWS this and keeps whistling past the executioner as if he is not standing there. Instead of continuing in the delusion of the present dialectic, being manipulated into casting your vote for the lesser of two evils, and doing so out of fear, entertain other possibilities. For one TEACH the reality of our founding, every opportunity you get, and LEARN and expose the Luciferian forces that have voided the Constitution and enslaved us. We are to a point where we have lost our Republic, - Ben Franklin answered a woman as he exited the Constitutional Convention when she asked, "What have you given us, Sir." He said, "A Republic. If you can keep it." It isn't a question any more - we have already lost it. The quicker people realize that, the better chance we have of forming a NEW one and defeating the "PRETEND" one. If we can't come to the realization that Mitt Romney is of the Establishment that took our republic down, we are actually better off with Obama. WHY? Because the greater majority are able to view him as an enemy.

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