Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Am Old and Out Of Touch - Fodder for the Furnace

There is the proof I'm old, 14 years ago suffering congestive heart failure; and it IS true that I am out of touch, if "being in touch" means:
Being a frightened Romney supporter, fearful of opinions that do not match the fake dialectic his Saul Alinsky handlers were hoping establish in the public square as they rounded up all the people they disaffected during their massive lie-driven primary campaign; in a panic because the cattle are not coming when called; needing to following the Saul Alinsky dictate to demonize any who think for themselves and will not amble toward the Romney corral.  Well then, I am out of touch. I am not just out of touch, I am wise to the mass manipulations of the Saul Alinsky-Romneyites. It is identical to the mass manipulations of the Saul Alinsky-Obamaites. 

 Some of us held out hope that with the massive assault on America that has been Obama, that people would have enough sense to support a true non-establishment candidate. I believed it was possible until January 2012, when I saw the lying beast take control. Now, they have made a fatal error, from which they cannot recover, for which they do not have the will power, wisdom or knowledge to correct. Or so on the surface it seems; and that is the way it seems to the useful idiots who were so easily manipulated into a losing position.

There are two ways to see Godlessness in Society. The jackbooted utopian liars can be in control, and govern from an immoral base of lawlessness, doing what they will, for whatever effect their warped and ungodly intelligence deems "necessary."  We have myriad examples of these in recent history, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and a hundred lessor dictators, and now Obama. All operating under some cover of "legality" via some form or system of governance which allows hell to reign. 

But for this kind of Godlessness to take control, there has to be another form of Godlessness that proceeds it. These regimes come to power when the society over which they exert jackbooted rule, have first become immoral, decadent, lawless, godless and finally nearly amoral; where people lose the distinction between what is real and what is fantasy, what is true and what is lie. Such people will tell any lie, and believe any lie, IF that lie provides them with immediate benefit or gratification. In such a society, even if the veneer of public decency hangs on in a preternatural deformity of its former self, it has grown totally malleable, easily manipulated by the utopia seeking elite; and thus that malleable population also become fodder for the furnaces if their usefulness is in doubt.
Saul Alinsky's dedication from "Rule For Radicals"

The state of politics in this present election cycle exposes the Luciferian deformity of this society's, former self. The symbols look the same, the speeches are soaring high-minded rhetoric, but reason is abandoned and the beast, the liar, the utopian planners are in control over enough of the population to manipulate both decadent parties, both the Republican and the Democrat Party, drunk with their new found manipulative powers. 
Saul Alinsky - Author of Rules for Radicals. 

The blueprint for this political season was written by the master liar Saul Alinsky, and both party elites have followed his playbook to the letter. Glen Beck stated on many occasions that "We have to use their methods," speaking of the Saul Alinsky BIG LIE scheme. And he proved good as his word as he first promoted any opponent of Romney whose poll numbers were low, and then attacked them with great lying fervor when their number exceeded Romney's numbers. 

If the Republican party manages to push through their straw man candidate, designed to be blown over by Obama, as John McCain's candidacy was so designed we will have irrefutable proof (behind a long 30 year chain of proofs) that the NeoCon/Sharia-Compliant manipulators have joined the Marxist/Sharia-Compliant manipulators, and what we have left is one power elite, preparing first the weak as fodder for the furnace, next will follow the amoral pleasure seekers who are no longer needed. 

Add to this sad sight, technological powers like no authority in the history of mankind has wielded and the proof that we are about to enter a new feudalism; it will be a Dark Ages, fired by massive techno-manipulation (we are already witnessing) of the enslaved population, with tools that will make the Irons and Chains of the dark past appear humane. 

I'm Archpriest Symeon Elias - Here I STAND!

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