Monday, July 2, 2012

I Am No Longer Crazy

At the fall of communism I rightly predicted the outcome - that since we were already marching inexorably into slavery as the elite gathered power, and the government increasingly failed to recognize the people's will and the people's God Given Rights, that the goals of the New World Order were going to require massive bloodshed on our soil, serious and terrible violent acts, acts for which the government would be guilty by sins of omission or commission, that the politically correct movement would criminalize truthful speech, that the propaganda campaign that had already begun in earnest in the media, that is, the constant picturing of everything and everyone who held Traditional Values - Devoutly Religions, Patriotic and Conservative as criminal, crazy, radical, hate-filled, racist, and/or perverted, had only one place to go, that this attack would be to create a massive and false-Christian Church, acceptable to the Social Darwinists devoid of Christ, and the oppression of the true church, etc.

When I expressed my understanding (because as it has turned out - no it really wasn't an opinion it was prophetic vision and speech - that is the ability to see and speak the truth) most people really thought I was weird, paranoid, some sort of radical nut job, or simply crazy saying outrageous things for the sake of saying them. With all my heart, I wish that had been the case and we were not now where we are, with the complete destruction of constitutional guarantees of liberty, with people in an uproar and polarized over the next presidential race where in fact both candidates are New World Order, Saul Alinskyite-socialists. 

Some times the truth is so obvious but so unacceptable and/or shocking to the psyche that it just can't be entertained. 

Two things are really sad about this: 
(1) Those on the left who voted for Obama for a slew of reasons that were Anti-Bush, Anti-Guantanamo Bay, Anti-Patriot Act, Anti-Big Bank Bailout etc., have seen Obama keep not one promise to them and in fact build on the very things they abhor - YET, they are still in denial and supporting him. On the other side, we watched the Saul Alinsky Big Lie machine destroy every candidate for president except the crony capitalist-Socialist Mitt Romney, whose actual governance on social issues and healthcare were at least as leftist as Obama and conservatives are saying "We have to support him. He is our only hope." 
(2) What is more sad is that so many think this situation of choice between New World Order, Saul Alinskyite-socialists is new. 

The fact is the Elitist's "operations managers" are so skilled at what they do, and are presently in total control - again a truth, too unacceptable and shocking for the psyche to entertain - yet it is true.  They have purposely created the "polarization" of politics in the U.S., dividing us and conquering us, using every means possible, (1) the left infiltrated by Stealth Jihadists and pure Marxists, (2) the right infiltrated by Stealth Jihadists and NeoCons, both groups "conservatives and liberals" having become something foreign to their founding and by design totally foreign to each other, controlled by the Elites working covertly in both groups for the exact same ends, the total destruction of American Sovereignty, the total stripping of the power of the Bill of Rights, a "technological dictatorship" where all decisions are made not by "we the people" but by the "experts who know better than we do" what is "good for us."  For generations now they have created edifice after edifice, crises after crises and in each institution and each crisis there has been only one winner. 

Right now, the massive soft - non-violent genocides underway in our world are such a truth - impossible for most to grasp and view because it is just too unacceptable and shocking. The quiet assassinations, the peaceful or "accidental" elimination of vocal opponents to the Elitist's plans - Impossible for most to accept as true even at this point in history when the government subsumed to itself the power and "cover of legal authority"  to just make people disappear, - -   still for most people this truth is too unacceptable and shocking to be believed. 

I highly recommend that you take the time to learn about the real history of American and World Politics , while you can -- even if you have a masters degree in political science or a doctorate in jurisprudence or both, you most likely do not know the story.

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