Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dumb America On Parade

Scott Atkins = Facebook entry:

How are YOU oppressed, Butch! Are you oppressed by:

1. Speeking freely?
2. Getting up in the morning to freely hate everything?
3. Being able to go wherever, whenever, and for whatever you wish?
4. Being able to sleep in peace at night while the military is busy protecting your carcas?
5. Being able to get the education that YOU want, instead of the one that the GOVERNMENT tells you to get?
6. Etc?

Gee, if THAT is oppression, you should move to another nation where they may give you a quarter to call someone who cares.

Young person if this entry seems reasonable and rational to you, please understand that you have been brainwashed by the state through receiving B.F. Skinner, Behavioral Modification Training, instead of an education, and by the massive propaganda arm that is 90 percent of the American Media. 

My answer to Scott:

I'm oppressed as are YOU, by the legal basis for my free speech, free assembly, etc., etc., having been voided, and by a mass of stupid Americans, like yourself who cannot grasp the truth of it. If there were not mental midgets parading as citizens, our liberties would have never been pissed away. You people have lost your ability for abstraction, an absolutely necessary ability without which keeping freedom alive was doomed to fail. You can't make the distinction between "being allowed to talk, being allowed to travel" and "having the unalienable RIGHT to do so." Sad for you.

As for being able to get an education "YOU" want, that is a fantasy. You have only been allowed an education sanctioned by the state, whereupon primary elements of true education were substituted with B.F. Skinner behavioral modification methods; thus the inability for Abstraction.

Things As They Are: HOW We Think Determines WHAT We Think - The Devolution of American Education

In case you are of the opinion that this brainwashing isn't extremely deep, To Wit: Scott's Very intelligent and thoughtful reply.  These people have lost the ability of abstraction; they are absolutely unable to speak except in a dialectic designed for them. At the moment the dialectic demands that they promote a Socialist Republican Candidate, while claiming him to be a conservative, and that they must do so with energy bordering on desperation, since "this is the most important election in our life time."  Their total inability to see that the constitutional ground for our Republic has been already successfully voided, by laws THEY allowed to be passed, laws they cheered as "Bush protecting us" is self-evident. 

Scott in his own words:

You prove you're ignorant, Butch. I am NOT oppressed...YET! But you go ahead and be one of the countless boobs who will split the ballot and we WILL be oppressed as a result. I proved to you by the illustration of everyone voting for their favorite candidate, and what will happen, but you CHOOSE (not an act of oppression) to ignore FACTS. You continue to post BLOGS as you facts. Your blogs (AKA OPINIONS) are like assholes -- EVERYONE has one and they have an innate ability to stink.

In other words, I am ignorant because I do not accept the fantasy world the media has constructed for Scott. 

The Dumbing Down of America, which has been a forty year goal of "The Department of Education" as clearly exposed by an inside whistleblower in the  early 1980's is complete.  Scott, operating on his "feelings of righteousness" devoid of the ability of abstraction is just one of tens of millions so lost in "arrogant ignorance."  Ignorance is a state that can easily be remedied. Arrogant ignorance is a resin impervious to knowledge, the emotions leveled against even the possibility of entertaining truth, or any facts outside the "sanctioned dialectic." It is actually post-hypnotic conditioning.  

It is amazing the evidence of Behavioral Conditioning evident in today's political conversations.
Here is the continuation of the above conversation - it is self explanatory.

  • Scott Atkins Uh...look at the facts, Lou. I haven't called you anything, but you called me a dumbass. I called Butch a hateful old fart AFTER he called me stupid. Get your facts straight, because the proof is on here that you two started the name calling BS. But that's what people do when they're LOSING an argument. Psychology 101.
    11 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Lou that is language of the old paradigm - that tactic of demonizing any who speak the truth is a tactic of BOTH the right and the left.
    10 minutes ago · 

  • Thomas Vondrasek Butch when you finally come to some truths maybe we will listen. All you shown is how bitter you are and hateful. You started the tactic of demonizing people calling them names because they don't agree with you. You just described yourself in your little rant.
    7 minutes ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch Lou, Notice the level of Scott's argumentation, like an elementary school student, explaining a fight to his school teacher. There is a real arrested development in this process of "dumbing down". Anyone under the age of fifty IF educated in the public school system is damaged by it, and to greater degrees the younger they are.
    7 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch And Thomas is a one note "demonizer." A freak'n Amazing. This is great stuff guys.
    6 minutes ago · 

  • Thomas Vondrasek Thats why we make sure our children are taught the proper things at home.
    6 minutes ago ·  · 1

  • Scott Atkins Butch, here's the difference between you and I. More people hate your responses than mine. Even an idiot can "SOUND" intelligent, but they only fool themselves because those around them KNOW that they make no sense. That would be you.
    5 minutes ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch Thoman, I'm glad to hear that. But no parents are able to completely undo the damage of public education. Though, heavy parental effort gives a child a "chance" to develop critical thinking.
    3 minutes ago · 

  • Scott Atkins If I were you, I wouldn't go around telling people that you are a minister, because you are only equating yourself to one Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
    3 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Again another classical example of arrested development "more people like me than you" In 1936 more people liked Hitler in Germany, 1930 more people like Stalin in Russia, 1950s the vast majority of Chinese like Mao - Whatever could your point mean, Scott - THINK!

  • Thomas Vondrasek Butch is a minister? Where did he get his training? From the Westburo baptist church?

  • Piano Butch Again the one note demonizing from Thomas - This is making a GREAT article. Thank you all.

  • Thomas Vondrasek Wow now comparing us to Hitler and Stalin. You are such a hypocrit Butch.
    5 minutes ago ·  · 1

  • Scott Atkins Well, Rev, Butch, such things tell a BIG story of how well you are recieved by the general public. At least I haven't been deleted from people's pages for hostility.
    5 minutes ago · 

  • Thomas Vondrasek Butch you should read some of your own stuff.
    4 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Spinning quotes to misrepresent the person's position - All Saul Alinsky playbook. Go going - Please continue.
    4 minutes ago · 

  • Lou Carlassara Scott has been pretty god at putting words in other peoples mouths and running with his distorted view
    3 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Again, Scott calling on the "feel good - belongingness" response which says, "I'm acceptable, therefore I must be a good person and right" - straight from B.F. Skinner's textbook.
    2 minutes ago · 

  • Scott Atkins You haven't exactly been INNOCENT of this yourself, Lou! Again, psychology says that you are losing your arguments by your current actions. Calling me names, ignoring issues, and trying to claim that a person is distorted are classic examples of a losing arguement.

  • Scott Atkins So when you're ready to stop putting words in my mouth, then we can talk.

  • Thomas Vondrasek I'm outa here. Butch is just to wacked out. Its ok for him to demonize people that disagree with him but he can't take it if you do it back. Butch you are just showing the wrongs but we are demonizing and picking on you. Again you are a hypocrit.
    3 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Scott, your ONLY means of conversation with me has been exactly as you accuse Lou Carlassara. "Calling me names, ignoring issues, and trying to claim that a person is distorted are classic examples of a losing arguement." This has been your SOLE means of argument, except when you regurgitate "party talking point."

  • Lou Carlassara ‎?????? On a multitude of occasions YOU have put words in my mouth ,then gone on a rant on those words.In my opinion that is a distorted view.As for the name calling,1 time and you got you apology move on

  • Lou Carlassara Weather or not Piano is "wacked out" is your personal opinion.The demonizing on all has gone on too far.Lets try to keep thing civil.
    3 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Thomas, that inability at abstraction includes the inability to distinguish between an "idea" and a "person." The only response to the massive evidence I have shared that this election is fake has been a personal attack upon me as your last entry clearly shows. When ANY of you can refute the complete loss of constitutional based LIBERTY I have outlined, I would be very interested in hearing the "specifics" since, here in and via the article I have shared, I have offered "specific facts" not opinions. Refute the facts - I'm all ears.
Scott Atkins Good Bye. I'm going to a REAL Tea Party page.
9 minutes ago · 

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