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Two Missions - The Same Goal

The Republican Party and The Democrat Party,
Two Missions
The Same Goal

A friend said to me, "The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are the same, just different." 

I said, "The same difference between Lucifer and Satan, both have the same evil goals."

Then it dawned upon me that, yes they have the same goal, but different missions.

Reference and Examples
Glen Beck - Judson Phillips' Tea Party Nation:

In the first year of the Obama Dictatorship, he did some truly in-your-face things, as we all know. He made an out right frontal assault on the upper middle and middle class, and even the "independent working class" (contractors, plumbers, lawn care, piano tuners) attacking capital, arbitrarily changing federal bankruptcy laws, ORDERED closings of hundreds of auto dealerships (privately owned businesses), took the wealth he stole from the GM stockholders, that they would have received had GM been forced into bankruptcy and handed that wealth to the Unions, and made the whole thing work by massive federal spending. His FDIC and Security and Exchange Gestapo totally ignore the TRILLIONS of dollars of theft by the so-called "to big to fail" Banks and Insurance companies, and they came after builders, developers, and mid-sized and small bankers. THIS is what sparked the Tea Party movement. It was't anything else. It was that fellows rant on the Business Channel that gave sudden language to the resistance. That anger was massive. IT had the power of revolution, of replacing and abolishing like Herman Cains said in his speeches, like is stated in the Declaration of Independence and that Declaration proves the LEGAL right for citizen action.  The good hard working small business people did not want to create bloodshed and anarchy, but they meant to have redress even if it took bloodshed.  Enter Judson Phillips' and his Tea Party Nation, Glen Beck and a host of others who "seemed" to be speaking the Tea Party anger, but whose mission it was to defuse the movement.

Haven't you ever wondered what that massive rally Beck pulled in D.C. was all about. Could you imagine the power of that movement had leaders truly organized it and lead it? But what happened instead. WE WERE ALL HAD. Hard working people, many who had lost jobs and businesses took funds from their meager reserves and campaigned and rallied all across the country and cooperated with their fearless leader Glen Beck, only to be herded into a massive crowd of one million or more, and (1) entertained, (2) told they were peaceful people, (3) told that the problems were too big to be solved and finally the most insulting thing of all were (4) were told that the problem was THEMSELVES. (5) They were told to be nice, go back home and do something nice for someone close by. Nothing wrong with that idea, since most of these people collectively do MASSIVE good every day in their communities.  They are the backbone of the shelters, the food kitchens, the food banks, and many, many more kinds of charitable works. Beck's mission was simply to defuse the anger and confuse the goal. The goal was constitutional governance, honor and integrity in government. The charities were doing just fine without this waste of TIME and RESOURCE.
When Beck's mission was completed, he was marginalized.

We have got to start thinking smarter than our "handlers and conditioners." We have to learn, "Where we are, prove it to ourselves and then we will KNOW how to act, and we will not need FAKE Cheerleaders for our cause.

What about Judson Phillips and his Tea Party Nation that suddenly sprang on the scene, complete with painted buses, and a national tour, while he spouted on Cable and Satellite and talk radio, speaking for "the Tea Party" while the REAL tea party folks were just beginning to meet in fellowship and VFW Halls, living rooms, church and community kitchens.  While mom and pop were trying to discover where they were, to prove it to themselves and decided what to do Phillips was on a bus tour, and his mission was also to defuse the Tea Party, the round it up for the RNC/Romney Mafia.

Again, we have got to start thinking smarter than our "handlers and conditioners." 

The Mission of the Democrat Party:
The Serpent has come out from under his rock, and slithering inch by inch has helped created in the culture the New Morality of the New Religion, the one needed to destroy the barbaric notions of Nature's Laws and Nature's God. These notions have to be destroyed, as does the dignity of the individual, for the good of the collective. This new morality is not about individual rights, but about "group rights" for now, and ultimately only about the rights of "the International Collective."  The Democrats have been assigned the mission of leading us NOT to state communism, NOT to state socialism, but to the Brave New World, the International Collective created by the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite, many decades in the making. Obama is the Drum Major Prancing at the front of the band and the Democrat party is the Band each person playing their particular instrument; it is like a colossus Pied Piper show, carrying us into a World designed by Francis Beacon. - You can read about the future they have in store for us at the link at the end of this paragraph. It is a Scientistic Dictatorship, where every aspect of our lives is governed by the wise ones, all for our own good, based upon the "expert's pronouncements" from many disciplines. The problem is this Brave New World Order to which they are leading us, is not based on the reality of SCIENCE, but upon SCIENTISM - which is the New Religion previously mentioned. It is not based on true Scientific Facts, but upon the misuse of "experts" as High Priests of the New Order. They have the Muslim Brotherhood on board, because the Muslim Brotherhood would love to see mankind herded into a Centralized one world government, so much the easier to infiltrate and conquer. For them this march to the New World Order is Jihad, pure and simple, and they are using the Marxists and the NeoCons, cooperating for its creation so they can take control of it. Every single event in the years since Reagan, have been an express train to this goal. Every single event makes sense, (and some so sinister we dare not mention) even the seeming schizophrenia of Obama's "governing from behind" and his massive assaults on everything than can stand in its way. 

New Atlantis and Luciferianism.

The Mission of the Republican Party:I bored you, and probably lost half my readers with the lengthy examples of Glen Beck and Judson Phillips, to teach how those who seem to be allies, who seem to be on our side, who speak in our language, who take leadership roles, may not and are not on our side, nor acting honestly. They prattle thing that make us feel good, but their actions portray a different goal. When they speak the language of "individual rights, constitutional governance, faith and the dignity of individuals" insincerely what does that mean? It means that they have joined JUDAS. We are so conditioned to insincere speaking that we see it in massive volumes everyday on social media, and T.V. as the spin is broadcast incessantly. SPIN IS INSINCERE SPEECH; It is not, and never is TRUTH. To understand the hellishness of this I'll let the current Pope explain it. This was his sermon on the day the Republican Party officially suicided.

The Meaning of Insincere Speaking:

This primary cycle and the Convention proved without a shadow of a doubt that every voice coming from the Republican party is an insincere voice, spinning for effect, but for what purpose. If the Republican Party does not express our values, what is its Mission? Common sense would tell you that if it was real it would express our values. Its mission is the same as Glen Beck, Judson Phillips and a host of others, to defuse the resistance to the Brave New World Order, to divide and conquer the ONLY forces capable of stopping the destruction of our country. And it has accomplished its goal in this election cycle whether Mitt Romney wins or loses. How? By placing a person as the nominee that is the mirror image of Obama. (1) Of a non-Christian Religion (2) Willing to tell any tale to get elected.

Is Romney or Obama The Answer That Will Restore Our Liberty?

Romney and Obama ARE Twins: When I say that Obama and Romney are twins - what does that mean?

It was glaringly obvious that the RNC/ROMNEY MAFIA - Fox News - Glen Beck - and a host of others with MASSIVE money, and thuggish efforts were going to make Romney the nominee - at any cost up to and including the destruction of any legitimacy of the Party itself. So they chose The WEAKEST candidate out of the bunch, the single candidate with least in common with the Party's base. Why? To divide and conquer the only forces that stand in the way of the Brave New World Order. Romney's candidacy has NEVER been about winning the White House, it has ONLY been about defusing the resistance. Many unable to believe that is in front of them, twist their souls, their reasoning powers, and their core values into pretzel shape and support him. Those awake and seeing know they cannot support him without committing soul-killing moral suicide. Mission already accomplished.

The only answer is a viable third party candidate that TRULY represents Constitutional Values, who would on day one rescind every executive order of Bush and Obama, sign legislation voiding the Patriot Act, The Emergency Powers Act, and a host of other constitution killing laws and mandates.
The Republican and Democrat Parties have the same goal but different missions.The Republican Party has a mission, to confuse, and defuse all resistance to The New World Order, while the Democrats cheer and march us to "international collectivist slavery."
IF no viable Third Party Candidate emerges, then a vote for any of them is sound the Dictatorship will hear. Voting in a Dictatorship is not like voting in a Democratic Republic and WE ARE a Dictatorship.

Voting In A Dictatorship

If you doubt we are in a dictatorship listen to Director Joel Gilbert at the National Press Club, Washington DC. - You have to remember that the REPUBLICANS cooperated with this conspiracy. After explaining the suppression of his movie, TAKE NOTE that seasoned reporters applauded when Gilbert announced that his group was mailing to millions of households, free copies of his movie on DVD. WHY WOULD THEY APPLAUD? They know that the press has been stifled, that they are not al
lowed by their editors and publishers to DO THEIR JOBS, THEY ARE APPLAUDING SOMEONE DOING AN END-RUN AROUND THE CENSORSHIP MACHINE THEY FACE EVERYDAY. This is evidence of the total suppression of a formerly Free Press under the power of a Dictatorship. This suppression of the press, them not being allowed to tell Obama's real story, happened when GEORGE BUSH was president! Wake up! READ IT AGAIN, IT HAPPENED WHEN GEORGE BUSH WAS PRESIDENT. The Republican Party, The Democrat Party and the Muslim Brotherhood have joined forces to create a Sharia Compliant New World Collective. When you vote for Obama or Romney you are voting for THIS conspiracy.

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