Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Voting In A Dictatorship

Voting in a dictatorship:
And the only way to show dictators that you will not be ruled by dictators is to refuse to play the FAKE election game. Nothing would send a chill down the spine of the wealthy elite than for tens of million to refuse to participate in the sham. After all the ruling elite in Europe and the U.S. that have enslaved us to "internationalism" where they are in control are only about ten thousand people, a drop in the bucket to the power we WOULD have if people could gain the WISDOM to not participate in FAKE political GAMES. These games only give them cover, since a vote in a dictatorship is a de facto agreement to be governed by a dictatorship. We know Obama is a Dictator, we KNOW the Republican process was fake, rigged from the beginning and part of the same power structure that controls Obama
I love it when people are ALIVE and view the truth without blinders of fear. All these people screaming for Romney are driven by fear and fear along. They are paralyzed in the old paradigm that does not exist anymore and are unable to imagine answers for what is coming. Fake primaries, Fake conventions, Fake candidates, and now even Fake Presidents who are mere puppets of the power structure that has taken control - THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER - IT IS THE PROBLEM.

Okay - I'm willing to deal with the reality of the present situation - are you? Here is the present situation - The constitution is voided, the federal government has been given unrestricted powers of arrest without charge, indefinite incarceration without right of habeas corpus, and unlimited powers of coercion via taxation and everyone is caught in the Normalcy Bias Syndrome and cannot admit it. The NeoCons (Romney and Bush gang) The Marxists (Obama and leftist democrat gang) and the Muslim Brotherhood have formed an alliance. ONLY FIVE congressmen have sounded the alarm (and simply by asking for an investigation) about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and influence in our government at the highest levels, have been lynched by John McCain (who is supposed to be less radical than Romney) and others of the left and right, WHY?  And Obama has handed to the MB Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Turkey and soon to fall into their hands are Syria which will mean Lebanon also - and Romney is on board with it - add socialist  medicine, $50 abortions, and gay marriage to Romney's record and I have to say - WHEN we keep showing our willingness to vote for those antithetical to our own interests we give them permission to govern us. The ONLY political voice that will have any impact on the Ruling Elite is when people become aware enough to STOP giving them permission for MORE evil. A vote for Romney is JUST as Evil as a vote for Obama.

The Normalcy Bias:

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