Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tyranny in America - For Dummies:

Political Science 101:
Dedicated to the truth-teller Congressman
Dr. Larry McDonald who was assassinated
by a joint operation of the CIA/KGB

The history goes way back - 1939 I think the original creation of the Emergency Powers Act. It saw several additions and strengthening over the years and under the Clinton administration it was drastically strengthened. I screamed. Then there was the Kansas v Hendricks SCOTUS precedent in June of 1997 allowing for the indefinite detention of a person ruled SANE, but a danger to society, who had served out his sentence. SCOTUS ruled that for the "public good" Kansas could hold him. (There went the Bill of Rights) That is the precedent upon which all the so called prophylactic laws are based - I screamed - nobody listened. Then following 9/11, George Bush declared a state of national emergency 9/14/2001 which effectively suspended the constitution, and a category of people who could be held prophylactically to include "Islamic Terrorists" - things appeared normal, but Bush kept renewing the state of emergency and handed it to Obama,  April 7th 2009 Homeland Security expanded the category of potential terrorist to include anyone holding conservative views, vis a vis gun-control, abortion, christian morals, nationalism, even veterans, etc. In June of 2012 Obama changed the definition of those who could be arrested without charge, held indefinitely without right of habaeus corpus to any deemed "a threat to national security" Which is the exact same power Joseph Stalin held in the old USSR where he murdered upwards of 80 million people. The NDAA this spring cancelled the Posse Comitatus Act - allowing for U.S. troops to be deploy for police action INSIDE the U.S., it authorized armed drones, wiretap without warrant, and gave Obama the power to kill any citizen deem "a threat to national security" etc., etc., etc. June 28th 2012 the Roberts court removed ALL constraints from Federal coercion - allowing for coercion via taxation. IT IS OVER - the media has been reporting fake news for a decade, this season's political campaign has been a kabuki play guaranteeing the election a NWO candidate - Romney or Obama etc.