Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The "Conditioners" - Caution Behaviorists At Work

Every corporation employs them, every entertainment business, media programming, advertising, political campaigns. Political conventions are choreographed, scripted and played out according to the score written by the "Conditioners" the skilled human manipulators called, "Behaviorists."

This election cycle it is easy to see who has the easiest job of it. Elections are won or lost by the proper use of "fear" and "reward" 
two common Behavioral keys programmed into generations via public education, media and myriad means in the culture. Even some institutions purporting to be "Christian" are using these methods.
Conditioning the masses is simply "driving the herd" by the means that works with any docile beast. Fear and Reward. 

This election cycle we see the Democrats using "Belongingness Reward" to great effect. "Obama is our savior. We are his good people who love everyone and want to create paradise on earth.  Won't you join us? Won't you forget the hate, and just live and let live and give our savior time to finish the job he has started." But they also are using fear but to a lesser extent. "They want to take away your rights. They want to return to a failed past. They hate Gays, they hate women, they assault women, etc." Joe Biden actually told black people that Republicans want to put them in shackles. Can't make this stuff up.

This election cycle we see the Republican Party using "FEAR" and to questionable effect. It is without vision, except some shadow copy of what Obama is doing. Newt Gingrich quoted Holy Writ saying, "Without Vision The People Perish." And it is true and probably seals the fate of this election. For their FEAR CAMPAIGN they have plenty of ammunition, since they have only to point to the massive Obama daily insults; to assaults on Constitutional Governance, Christian Liberty, his assault on all Traditional beliefs as superstition and ignorance. Even though the Republican Operatives are using this method, oddly the Candidate Romney acts as if he is removed from reality says only, "I think Obama is a nice person. I don't have anything against him personally. I just think he is in over his head." What kind of appeal is that to Independences who are listening to the "Savior" on the other side.

The Republican are also using a strange sort of "Belongingness Reward" wrapped in FEAR  - "Obama is Satan - 
We can band together to save our country, we can feel good about it, even if banding together is for rational purpose or not, we FEEL it is right, we FEEL Romney is good, we FEEL that all will be well, we FEEL we can hold his 'feet to the fire', we FEEL we can actually turn him into OUR candidate and savior." If by some miracle against nature Romney pulls it off, these same sleeping people will think they have won something. 
This game is being played out, while both parties are in a panic that you might WAKE UP. Both parties are counting on a natural human phenomenon called "The Normalcy Bias" to hide their collective efforts to enslave you. In the old days they simply called it "shock" and yes we are a Nation in Shock.  Here is how the Normalcy Bias works.

This first paragraph tells you what both the Republican and Democratic Parties want you to keep doing:
It is hard to get the mind and emotions around the reality of what is actually happening - It is actually a shock mechanism called The Normalcy Bias - people just keep doing what they are doing unable to believe that the reason for doing it is gone.
Here is how the Normalcy Bias Works:
 I saw it when I was Railroad Engineer 1971 - My train took the rear end off an automobile on a crossing in East Point, Georgia - luckily there was only one person in the car. As we walked the train back to where the half-car was sitting we kept hearing someone trying to crank a car - you know the sound of a starter turning over a motor. When we got to the car the man was still sitting in the front seat. He had his seat belt on and was very lucky to be alive. But he was sitting there looking embarrassed and was turning the ignition trying over and over trying again and again to crank half a car. He looked at me and said, "I'm sorry fellows. Just give me a minute and I will get out of your way."
 I said, "Sir, have you looked at your back seat?"
 He said, "Why?"
I said, "Because it is not there." He turned, saw the back of the car missing and immediately passed out from shock. That is the Normalcy Bias and the entire country is suffering it at this very moment, the Constitution is voided, the political process is a mere show, mere theater to keep the lid on, while all are still locked in the Right/Left political paradigm pretending that Obama v Romney has meaning. 
Here is what both parties are very frightened you will realize:

Tyranny in America - For Dummies:

Political Science 101:
Dedicated to the truth-teller Congressman
Dr. Larry McDonald who was assassinated
by a joint operation of the CIA/KGB

The history goes way back - 1939 I think the original creation of the Emergency Powers Act. It saw several additions and strengthening over the years and under the Clinton administration it was drastically strengthened. I screamed. Then there was the Kansas v Hendricks SCOTUS precedent in June of 1997 allowing for the indefinite detention of a person ruled SANE, but a danger to society, who had served out his sentence. SCOTUS ruled that for the "public good" Kansas could hold him. (There went the Bill of Rights) That is the precedent upon which all the so called prophylactic laws are based - I screamed - nobody listened. Then following 9/11, George Bush declared a state of national emergency 9/14/2001 which effectively suspended the constitution, and a category of people who could be held prophylactically to include "Islamic Terrorists" - things appeared normal, but Bush kept renewing the state of emergency and handed it to Obama, 2010 Homeland Security expanded the category of potential terrorist to include anyone holding conservative views, vis a vis gun-control, abortion, christian morals, nationalism, even veterans, etc. In June of 2012 Obama changed the definition of those who could be arrested without charge, held indefinitely without right of habaeus corpus to any deemed "a threat to national security" Which is the exact same power Joseph Stalin held in the old USSR where he murder upwards of 80 million people. The NDA this spring cancelled the Posse Comitatus Act - allowing for U.S. troops to be deploy for police action INSIDE the U.S., it authorized armed drones, wiretap without warrant, and gave Obama the power to kill any citizen deem "a threat to national security" etc., etc., etc. June 28th 2012 the Roberts court removed ALL constraints from Federal coercion - allowing for coercion via taxation. IT IS OVER - the media has been reporting fake news for a decade, this season's political campaign has been a kabuki play guaranteeing the election a NWO candidate - Romney or Obama etc.   

 A friend said, "They take comfort in being hauled to the FEMA camp by a Republican driver." Exactly.

Political Science 101: 

Voting In A Dictatorship

Voting in a dictatorship:
And the only way to show dictators that you will not be ruled by dictators is to refuse to play the FAKE election game. Nothing would send a chill down the spine of the wealthy elite than for tens of million to refuse to participate in the sham. After all the ruling elite in Europe and the U.S. that have enslaved us to "internationalism" where they are in control are only about ten thousand people, a drop in the bucket to the power we WOULD have if people could gain the WISDOM to not participate in FAKE political GAMES. These games only give them cover, since a vote in a dictatorship is a de facto agreement to be governed by a dictatorship. We know Obama is a Dictator, we KNOW the Republican process was fake, rigged from the beginning and part of the same power structure that controls Obama
I love it when people are ALIVE and view the truth without blinders of fear. All these people screaming for Romney are driven by fear and fear along. They are paralyzed in the old paradigm that does not exist anymore and are unable to imagine answers for what is coming. Fake primaries, Fake conventions, Fake candidates, and now even Fake Presidents who are mere puppets of the power structure that has taken control - THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER - IT IS THE PROBLEM.

Okay - I'm willing to deal with the reality of the present situation - are you? Here is the present situation - The constitution is voided, the federal government has been given unrestricted powers of arrest without charge, indefinite incarceration without right of habeas corpus, and unlimited powers of coercion via taxation and everyone is caught in the Normalcy Bias Syndrome and cannot admit it. The NeoCons (Romney and Bush gang) The Marxists (Obama and leftist democrat gang) and the Muslim Brotherhood have formed an alliance. ONLY FIVE congressmen have sounded the alarm (and simply by asking for an investigation) about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and influence in our government at the highest levels, have been lynched by John McCain (who is supposed to be less radical than Romney) and others of the left and right, WHY?  And Obama has handed to the MB Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Turkey and soon to fall into their hands are Syria which will mean Lebanon also - and Romney is on board with it - add socialist  medicine, $50 abortions, and gay marriage to Romney's record and I have to say - WHEN we keep showing our willingness to vote for those antithetical to our own interests we give them permission to govern us. The ONLY political voice that will have any impact on the Ruling Elite is when people become aware enough to STOP giving them permission for MORE evil. A vote for Romney is JUST as Evil as a vote for Obama.

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