Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Circumstances of Obama's Birth, Election and Rule:

I feel a little like Alice in Wonderland, when I answer questions about situations that make no sense, or would make no sense IF the Constitution were the law of the land.  I answer the question and people cannot comprehend the meaning, because the ramifications are too horrible to face; the American mind cannot grasp it because it destroys the mythology of American democratic invincibility and illusions of truth and justice. At the moment in the public arena little is true and nothing is just. 

The circumstances of Obama's birth are meaningless, he could be a Martian and it would be meaningless. The constitution was suspended on 9/14/2001 under the Emergency Powers Act, by a Declaration of a Nation State of Emergency. That gave George Bush dictatorial governing powers, outside the previous confines of the Constitution. They carried on a sham for 7 years as if everything were normal and then handed the Dictatorial powers to Obama.  Obama DID NOT become "president" under the confines of the Constitution, he became the President under the power of the Emergency Powers Act, where the constitution was suspended.  The Constitutional requirement governing the election of a president ARE MEANINGLESS and VOID since the Constitution was not the law of the land.

Haven't you asked yourself after one un-constitutional outrage or another, "How can he do that? Why doesn't someone stand up to him? Where is Congress? Where are the Tea Party People WE elected?" He was not elected within the confines of the Constitution and is not governed under the confines of the Constitution.

Here is how it happened:
Tyranny In America for Dummies

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