Saturday, September 8, 2012

GOP vs DEM Platforms.

This is from an article I wrote in March of 2008:

"As different as the two "platforms" of the parties have been, the ACTIONS have not been different.

Both parties have cooperated to cede sovereignty to international entities and interests.

Both have cooperated to systematically dismantle the American middle class, and betray the American worker by legalizing unrestricted trade with slaver nations.

Both parties have cooperated to ignored horrible genocide in the world (where there were few natural resources).

Both parties have cooperated to fake genocide to gain the natural resources of the Balkans.

Both parties have cooperated with Moslem terrorists in Kosovo to drive Orthodox Christians from that place.

Both parties have fallen under the influence of international money that is answerable to no one.

Both parties have perpetrated inhumanities upon its own citizenry.

Both parties have kowtowed to activist judges, without which the abortion holocaust would not exist (the author of the majority opinion who wrote Roe vs Wade was a REPUBLICAN appointee).

Both parties have kowtowed to politically correct fantasies, accepted Darwinism as Gospel, fostered an educational system and culture that is seriously damaging our country's future.

Both parties have cooperated to actively suppress technologies that would supplant the "oil economy."

Both parties act in absolute cowardice when it comes time to answer the big and truly important questions. No congress in my lifetime has been any more a "do nothing congress" than the last Republican led congress, who sat on their collective arses while a republican administration, which ran on a PLATFORM of SMALLER government, in ACTION actually INCREASED the size of government exponentially!

Both parties have cooperated in the take down of our Republic by the use of "Emergency Powers."

The stupidity of both average republicans and average democrats, is that they both relish the expansion of government and governmental powers as long as they perceive those powers being used to do their bidding. Many Christians, who were active in the process of creating the power in Washington (not contained in the constitution) were shocked when that power turned on them, began attacking their beliefs and freedoms.

Polish the Republican/Democrat idol all you want, when you grow tired it will still be an idol. Where you ascribe Moloch to the liberals only, both liberals and conservatives are feeding Moloch and NEITHER control him.
As you can see, this was true then, though few saw it, and is true now, but more evident and in your face, and more people see it. At the time I could not mention that we were already living under a dictatorship, that George Bush's NeoCons had suspended constitutional governance on 9/14/2001, because when I did, nice people cursed me and called me every sort of name, including a non-patriot and even a traitor.  Today many more people are awake, and realize that we presently live in a dictatorship, and that voting in a dictatorship is different than voting in a democratic republic, like we used to be.

Voting In A Dictatorship

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