Friday, September 28, 2012

The Dummy Candidate - Why Romney?

A friend who has remained angry at me from the moment he realized that I really wasn't blowing smoke during the primaries when I said that I would never cast a vote for Romney and listed the reasons why - basically that he is Obama's twin, said to me in frustration today, speaking of McCain's lost and Romney's poor showing:

I have not heard any one blaming a 3rd party for mccains defeat.
He is the only one responsible for that. No fight is why and the sucking up to Obama is the problem.
It seems Romney has the same " Obama is a nice guy" syndrome.
This traitor that is in the white house is the most dangerous this that this country has faced since pearl harbor."

I answered:
What about the last three Republican Party traitors,
(1) George Bush who destroyed the constitution and handed Obama dictatorial powers,
(2) McCain the loser manipulated by Party Elite into running so Obama would win, and
(3) Romney (ditto).
(a) With the world going to hell,
(b) Obama's foreign policy LITERALLY in flames,
(c) sodomized/murdered American diplomat, etc., etc.
(d) Unemployment still high,
(e) 50 million people on food stamps, etc., etc.,
(f) Our defenses about to be gutted by sequestration,
(g) knowledge that Obama and Muslim Brotherhood are allied,
(h) a frontal assault on religious liberty and
(i) free speech
 - have you asked yourself, not how this could happen, but WHY?
(we know how - through theft of the primary process) but WHY?
Why Romney?
Why did the elite destroy every semblance of grass roots democratic process, to run this loser?
Almost all the others would have taken Obama to the woodshed, and Romney is incapable? Almost anything he can say in criticism of Obama redounds to his own life, religion and governing record - WHY did they "ordain" him?  WAKE UP - The Republican Party has cease to be a force for the good, they are cooperating for our enslavement, and folk like you are empowering it.

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