Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Newt Gingrich:Tried, Tempered, Tested and Ready to Be President.

My opinion of Newt Gingrich:
One of the Greek philosophers basically repeated Solomon saying, “The learning of many things does not teach understanding” - (Heraclitus) I think there was a time that Newt Gingrich fit this definition. First time I met him (30+ years ago) I was blown away at the depth of his knowledge. But my brother and I greatly differed on just how wise he was. My brother was a total fan and to put it mildly, I wasn't. 

Not discounting Dr Gingrich's major accomplishments in his previous tenure in office, which admittedly were remarkable; truth be told, I think it took humiliation, suffering, and the grief of seeing the state of our Nation in the last seven years before the depth of Wisdom was added to that vast knowledge Newt possesses. 

At this point in time, Newt Gingrich is not just the most knowledgeable man in the race, but deeply wise. - Nothing but tough hits, hard knocks, suffering and learning from our errors creates that. 

My opinion of Mitt Romney: 
By comparison, emotionally, Mitt Romney is still a teenaged boy, still uncomfortable in his own skin,trying to manipulate everything he sees to get his way, without regard to TRUTH or collateral DAMAGE.  To put it mildly he is Newt Gingrich's inferior in every way except greedy accumulation of wealth. Mitt has Newt beat there a few hundred times over. Romney has run a Saul Alinsky like campaign using massive wealth to tell the Big Lies to try to destroy Dr Gingrich.  He lied bold faced in the debates saying that none of his companies had done business with the government, when in fact not only had they done business with the government, one of his companies, while he owned it, DEFRAUDED the American Taxpayer to the tune of ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR MILLION DOLLARS ($124,000,000.00). For all the ways Romney is Gingrich's intellectual inferior, when it comes wisdom, multiply that inferiority exponentially.

Rick Santorum was the only candidate in the race, beside Newt Gingrich for whom I would have gladly voted, for whom I could have voted without rending my conscience and knowing that I was assenting to something unreal and false.  Rick Santorum I believe to be a very decent man.  I think at the moment he is facing the biggest trail of his life . . . the biggest temptation as it were. We all know that Romney's campaign, and the 16 Billionaires who comprise the support for his attack pac, would spend any amount of money to purchase Rick Santorum's support and delegates.  You can bet he is being offered Ivy League educations for this children, massive donations to go to research of the particular illness that holds his daughter Bella in it grip, cash to retire his debt, plus myriad possibilities of national office.  He is being told that if he plays ball with the establishment that the rest of his life he will be a major "player" on the national scene.  The problem is, Rick Santorum cannot endorse Mitt Romney without violating the closely held principles he said were his drivers and motivation to enter the race in the first place.  He stands with Newt, by his own testimony, on a host of issues and holds almost nothing in common with the Saul Alinsky Big Lie Campaign that Romney and his attack pac have waged against him.  Paraphrasing Newt, talking about his own race last Easter Sunday, (4/8/2012) all Newt has to offer him is the shadow of The Cross, a chance to sacrifice, a likely road to debt and so on. I am praying that he is a true patriot and is unwilling at any price to see our election process so abused, destroyed by a Romney win. I'm hoping and praying that the words of our founders concerning their quest for Liberty rings in his heart and mind and that he is willing to Pledge his life, his fortune and his sacred honor for Liberty and finds in his heart the courage to endorse, campaign with and participate in our patriotic task of saving our Republic from the Saul Alinskyites. 

My opinion of Ron Paul:
Much of what he says concerning the desecration of the Constitution is correct, and much of it is not. He is a Libertarian Secularist and one cannot discern the true meaning of the constitution from that perspective. That philosophically incompatible with the motives and intentions of The Founders.  Also Ron Paul's foreign policy, even some of his domestic policy is straight out of the Muslim Mafia's Playbook, word for word. 
(Ron Paul's Foreign Affairs Policy -Straight From The Muslim Supremacists' Handbook.)

Newt Gingrich is the whole package of knowledge matched with wisdom. IF he is elected, Americans WILL work with him, and this Republic really will see a new day. Let us not kid ourselves, this country has been greatly injured in the last decade and especially in the last three years and we have under the best scenario ten month of more damage (and there will be much more damage.)  Under the best of circumstances it will be tough times - like recovering from surgery, but imbued with NEW LIFE and completely different with a truly hopeful future. 

When Newt quotes Solomon, "Where there is no vision, the people perish" He knows that is absolutely true. We ALL have been very vocal about all the things that are wrong, but he has been busy creating solutions to right the wrongs. You can't function just being against stuff, you have to have a vision of where to go and how to get there. But I suggest that Newt also knows the last part of that sentence of Solomon, and NOW possess the WISDOM and grit of it. That sentence speaks to his maturity, "but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." He knows that "keeping the law" works for himself and for this nation. When he speaks of the "out of line" federal judiciary, he knows they have stopped caring about the basic "law of God" which is summed up in the Ten Commandments and the Two Great Commandments of Jesus and The Declaration of Independence. He knows these things are essential to human nature, to human happiness and prosperity. The Judges are "out of line" and must be returned to the foundation of the LAW, that is, the GOD given right of very citizen to LIFE, LIBERTY and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Newt is the only Candidate that had dared to mention this subject.

Gas $2.50 VOTE NEWT 2012

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