Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Media Blackout On All Things Embarrassing To Obama

Look at the different treatment given a social snub given George W. Bush and a social snub given Barrack Obama. It won't take two minutes and these pictures are worth a million words. They need to become a permanent memory in the minds of every American Citizen.
For the record I Googled Obama & Coward and got eight million five hundred and eighty thousand  hits, in a mere 1/4 of a second search.  Nearly four times the arrogant CNN reporter got with Bush & Bully.  And this passes for news!
All it would take to create this scene would be to warn the President just before he walked on stage that there was a security concern and not to shake hands. (There is assassination via sophisticated poison via handshake. That is how they almost killed the former president of Ukraine.)  You didn't see Bush reaching for a hand to shake, but CNN was gleeful to trash Bush over it. 

Here is a video of Barrack Obama in the company of the Russian President, meeting a group of Russian dignitaries.  Obama IS reaching for hands to shake and they are ignoring him. Check out the expression on Obama's face, there is no way this isn't an intentional, international snub. Something that every American had a right to know.  And of course you saw CNN anchors gleefully telling the story - no, nor ABC, nor NBC, nor CBS , nor FOX, nor any American News agency - total silence.  Can't have the great Sharia Compliant/Progressivist President look bad. 

When you think of the diplomatic ground Obama surrendered to the Russians with NOTHING in return in Eastern Europe. All the advantages of winning the Cold War gone in a heartbeat, withdrawing the missile defense shield from Poland with no quid-pro-quo from the Russians, throwing Ukraine, Georgia, and other eastern block countries under the bus, proving that as an ally we are not to be trusted, and there is a list of other humiliations Obama has taken from the Russians, this story has never REALLY been told.  At the moment we are clueless to the real story, but history will tell it and it will tell that this president was compromised to the Russians. I don't have a clue how he is compromised, but NO president who was not compromised would accept this behavior and the other humiliations and not make the Russians pay.

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