Thursday, March 15, 2012

LESSON TIME: Humility and the Public Square


Since in America the people are the "sovereigns" "ordained by God with inalienable rights" who institute power in the ruling authorities, who "govern" the ruling authorities by oversight, repeal, and expulsion from office, they the people themselves are as noble as any king when defending the "Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness" of the realm. This defense requires activity in the public square and STANDING for the good. To accept this IS responding in humility to the gift God has given us. I for one would be much happier retired to a quiet life of prayer than engaged in the public debate, BUT in obedience I accept the vocation of what seems a most worldly thing, and in humility act upon the special gift granted me by God as an American citizen and engage.

A friend questions why "humility" in Phillipians Chapter Two - for him meaning servitude to authority, isn't universal. How could there appear an exception to this "humble behavior" in the American Public Square.

Answer: The key to Phillipians 2 - is "Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others." This governs everything else said about humility in this book, because it signifies, not just humility, like disappearing into the wood work, but the humility to accept the indignity of the defense of others. (To be the warrior.) This has very special significance in America where we are ALL called upon to protect the "Life, Liberty and Property" of our fellow citizens. That is why - before the darkness descended upon free speech in the U.S. it was commonly heard said:

"I hate everything he said, in fact I find what he said repugnant, but I will defend to my death his right to say it."

In America when I act for the good, it is acting for the good of ALL. When I exercise my right, or honor someone else's rights, I'm preserving the rights of ALL. i.e. "Not looking to my own things only, but also on the things of others." - etc.

The fact is that this grasp of "looking out for the things of others" SHOULD apply to the citizens in every nation upon the earth, no matter the "form of government" their nations holds, for the practical purpose of securing just rule for all. Our country is the only country where this concept was our founding, was codified in our constitution. "All men created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are . . "

This understanding is lost in many societies on earth where the mantra is "try not to be noticed while you do what is necessary for family, for survival." Survival against the injustices of tyranny is NOT what the struggle in America should be, though it may become that and to a degree IS that at the moment. But what must be understood, that to struggle against 'unjust rule' IS acting in humility.

Our Founding Fathers were not arrogant men, but rather men of great humility, realizing that everything they owned, their Lives, their Honor, their Property, were not to be "arrogated" to themselves, but humbly used, humbly spent, humbly given away if needed for the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness of ALL.

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