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Perspective - Where Those Who Love Our Country Stand.

Perspective - March 25th, 2012.

No picture better describes the position of the Religious Constitutional Conservative in this nation and in this election cycle than a young David against a mammoth Goliath.  In fact what we who cherish the Faith and the Intent of Our Founding Fathers face is a pack of Goliaths. It is only by God's Mercy-filled Miracle that our chance at turning the direction of this country away from its present course of Sharia Compliant Marxist Socialism (Statism) and back toward our founding principles has not been totally crushed.

Goliath Number One: 
The Biggest Goliath we face is not who you probably think, as those reading this will already know of the mighty Goliath in the White House - the very reality of the Sharia Compliant Marxist Socialism I just named. However the biggest Goliath standing in our way are those of weak heart and shallow soul. They exist in two categories, (1) The totally ignorant - we have seen them interviewed on the streets a thousand times, unable to name the President and Vice President etc. (2)  People who view politics as a game. Who are "players and fans";  Whose total mentality is in "winning."  For decades this has been the level of "engagement" of too many American Citizens who place their votes on unsubstantial likes and dislikes, who talk about the candidates in terms of "feelings."  I just "feel" he is a good man.  I just "feel" there is something not right about him.  These are the people easily manipulated by the media and smart campaigns. They use the voter's prejudices and fears to manipulate. Of course such a once can only speak of feelings since it is their emotions being manipulated producing their stance, which they are clueless to explain. When they try they manage all the reason of a five year old saying, "Because."  When confronted with contrary fact, they are immediately angry and combative and unable to engage on a reasoned level. Why? Because they are conditioned to be "repulsed" by anything that would dare question their "conditioned stance."

Goliath Number Two:
Our Academic Establishment has been, for more than half a century, bending our educational system into the shape of a Saul Alinsky propaganda machine. Robbing now two generations of moral and critical thinking; making them "pleasure seekers" prone to preen in the presence of "positive reinforcement" and recoil from Truth as something evil. They are conditioned to view facts as relative, morals as irrelevant, making reasoning with them nearly impossible.  This Goliath is the main producer of  Goliath number one.
(HOW We Think Determines WHAT We Think - The Devolution of American Education)


Goliath Number Three: 
The Pop Culture.  Pop Culture, created by Goliath number two, encouraging talented and intelligent young people to use their talents for the purpose of the Sharia Compliant Saul Alinskyite Marxist Socialist State and its deconstructionist Social agenda. And 80 percent of Pop Culture complies adding to the wall of  noise, creating Goliath Number One.

Goliath Number Four:
New Age and Universalist - Politically Correct Theology. Sadly a huge portion of Protestantism, Liberal Judaism, New Ageism, and so-called, Secular (non-churched) Spirituality fit this category. It is a subset of Goliath number one, teaching tolerance of everything, to the point that the enemy who will kill you is denied, evil that will destroy you is denied. Reason is lost, insanity reigns. The leaders of this movement feed on the vulnerability of the people possessed of the mindset created by Goliath Number Two (Academic "conditioning").  The situation is so far gone that Rick Warren's book calling on the "positive reinforcement mechanism" of B.F. Skinner's Behavior Modification theory, became the world's best seller. "I'm Worth It" goes the mantra for greed and indulgence. "I'm a good person" goes the mantra, the excuse for any failure or any neglect of duty. "That's just the way I am" goes the mantra for selfish and aberrant behavior.  "If I don't do this someone else will" goes the mantra for taking advantage of others who are vulnerable. "I have as much right as anyone else" goes the mantra for greed and acquisition. These "churches" and "movements" create people highly dedicated to causes that cost them nothing, in which they may immediately receive gratification for being a "good person."  The Left also uses these same Behavior Modification "keys" to manipulate people into all sort of behaviors, all designed to forward the Sharia Compliant, Marxist Socialist Agenda.
(TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA: At Least That Is What Glen Beck Thinks.)

Goliath Number Five: The News Media.
All we have to do is repeat what is said of Goliath number three and four, because Goliath number five operates on exactly the same "feel good response" and "revulsion of truth" TRIGGERS. Every news story, every opinion piece, every advertisement is designed to pull the appropriate trigger for the response intended.

(The Media Blackout On All Things Embarrassing To Obama)

Goliath Number Six: Corporations manipulating through the media.
(A topic for another time)

Goliath Number Seven: Organized Labor
(A topic for another time)

Goliath Number Eight: The Government manipulating through the media and through positive and negative "reinforcers" via thousands of programs and campaigns, massive regulations and tax "incentives" and tax "disincentives."

In this election cycle one conservative candidate has stood against the power of ALL of the above Goliaths, plus a couple not yet named. The other conservative candidate has stood against seven of the eight. And both have faced down the Monster Goliath of Mitt Romney's $40,000,000.00 of his own money and his Attack-pac's 16 billionaires. They, along with some allies in the Democrat/Crony-Capitalist world, have called upon every one of the other Goliaths, used every method available to them, including changing laws at the last minute, manipulating rules, flooding the air waves with "conditioning triggering ads." Romney's machine has used a full court press engaged in a classic Saul Alinsky BIG LIE campaign. A Campaign designed to confound even people who have NOT been conditioned by Goliath number two. Those conditioned by Goliath number two "ought to be defenseless against this campaign" yet, here we are with Davids, one and two  - Gingrich and Santorum still standing!

Rick Santorum has employed Goliath Number Seven, mostly and cynically against his fellow conservative. Those rumors of "Democrat Help" really are not Democrat help but Organized Labor Help - just happens that most member of Organized Labor are Democrats.  Still, battling seven out of eight is better than enlisting all eight on your side as Romney has.

The bottom line is - given the massive strength arrayed against them, there is no "logical reason" ANY true conservative should still be standing, but they are and they will.

David - Newt Gingrich's sling shot has been very busy, and over and over in the last weeks he has landed solid shots that have caused the GIANTS to reel, and stagger. He has reframed the debate, set Romney and Obama back on their defenses, and off stride. David-Newt Gingrich is CONTROLLING the debate - FRAMING the issues and taking the fight to them in a full court press.

David - Rick Santorum has done a marvelous job using all Dr Gingrich's material - and he is welcome to it, if it helps stop Goliath Number Nine, Mitt Romney and his Attack Pac.

The moral of this lesson is:  Don't be a fan of Newt Gingrich. He doesn't need any fans, he need co-workers, who are awake and aware of the vast manipulations of the enemy.  He has been fully aware of the nature of the battle for a long time.  He first said this when introducing his Contract With American in the early 1990s and has recently repeated the core of this quote:

“The Left has thoroughly infiltrated nearly every cultural commanding height of our civilization. That is, they hold power, influence and control of academia, the elite news media, Hollywood, union leaders, trial lawyers, the courts, the Congress, and the bureaucracy at all levels of government. They are radically redefining our very culture by deciding what is news, what is entertainment, what our children learn in school, and what kind of government we should have.”
The LEFT is THE GOLIATH, but it has many heads. 

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