Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saudi Arabia - The Muslim "Paradise" - The Most Sacred Ground.

One can only imagine the absolute delight of living in the Muslim Paradise, a society ordered by very strict adherence to Islamic/Sharia law for all of its existence since the time that Mohammed "set it free." The American Law and Order conservatives have listened for decades with envy as the domestic tranquility of Saudi Arabia was related to us. We have all heard very often how there is no crime in Saudi Arabia; how Allah's wisdom reigns creating this utopia upon the earth a mere foretaste of Paradise to Come!

But at the end of the day, 2+2 always equals 4, and cannot be made to equal what it is not. Take a few moments and see for yourself. This Video is a clip posted on YouTube in December, 2008, produced by Al Hurra an Arabic-language satellite station, aired on the program "Misawa" - it was discovered by Nonie Darwish. It is very enlightening.

The only places in the West where society has grown so brutal are the few enclaves that have been totally secured by and for the Secular Humanists.  My knowledge of this degradation of the youth of Saudi Arabia comes to me through a Saudi friend who discovered Christ and became a Christian, sacrificing parents, home and homeland to do so.
Despite seventy years of Secular Humanist's assault on our Judeo/Christian foundations, the residual culture modified by that foundation is still the most humane culture on earth, though that condition is deteriorating. If any are foolish enough to think Sharia compliance would be a better fate . . . think again.

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