Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lesson Time: The Counsel of Demons

The longer I live, the more I realize that the so-called "sciences" of psychiatry and psychology are demonic at their core. 

(1) A friend of mine is an expert on the abuses of the Foster Care system, which is a constant stream of hellish stories, from which we all turn our heads and choose to believe without evidence that Foster Care is a lesser evil. 

(2)  I've observed the methodology (read mythologies) of the ever malleable psychological sciences.  What I've come to know is that the modern "mind sciences" (excluding the physical science of neurology) are "cultish guilds" and parodies of the grasp of the human psyche held by the Holy Fathers of Christianity, and explicated in scripture and the Church's Orthodox Psycho-Therapy.  There is a Christian/Orthodox Spiritual Psychology that is capable of "healing."  The Secular Humanist discipline, analyzes but rarely heals. (In fact because of its slavery to extreme materialism, it more and more claims that "healing is impossible" that men are slaves to D.N.A.) 

(3) On the dark side there are stories, after stories of the destructiveness of secular psychiatry and psychology. 

(4) In my professional life, I met three of the most published and well respected psychiatrist/psychologist of the latter 20th century. One was extremely famous, a cult leader.  Many parents reeling from the damage of Dr Spock, left with children out of control, sought "saviors".  The author Eliot Wigginton, founder of the FoxFire movement, was such a savior, who turned out to be a serial pedophile. 

(5) Many wealthy people looked to yet another savior,  Dr. Louis Poetter, who founded the famous "troubled youth hospital" Annawakeee. Public record, both. Poetter a serial pedophile created his little hen house. I never went on the campus that my skin didn't crawl. Everything looks soooooo normal, but in my gut and without proof I knew.

(6) I guess old age is having its effect because I can't recall the third fellow's name, (I keep thinking Marcus Berry - but that is the cocaine addicted mayor of D.C. - but the name is similar).  He was the most diabolical of the three. At the time of his arrest he was the most published child psychologist of his day.  Sitting in his living room, I was always aware that one particular highly decorated mirror was really a one-way mirror.  It always made me wary. Little did I know that on the other side of that mirror was a sound-proofed torture chamber. This doctor's wife was alway there, and she wasn't prosecuted!  She was a coconspirator and should have been. It is a joke to think that she didn't know what was happening in her own house.

(7) Add to this the hellish mythology of "recovered memory" that terrorized daycare workers, school teachers, pastors, priests, and any honest help professional for a generation. Poor souls who have done HARD time in prison on the testimony INVENTED by sadistic psychologists, using hypnosis and "suggesting" crimes.  My God, people sent to prison, doing hard time, to finance the fame and fortune of sick psychologist and psychiatrists.  Would that this were a fantasy and my writing a "mere rant"!  I would LOVE IT were that the case.

(8) This is yet one more scandal of the Secular Humanists, which in shear volume of shame makes the scandal of the Roman priests look like nothing.  The RECOGNIZED evil doers in this secular humanist "help professions" number in the 30 percentile range.  (Also as high among protestant ministers, according to some published reports, published by the protestant groups themselves.) The recognized evil doers in the Church related help professions is less than 2 percent. You do the math. 

(9) And don't be fooled by the mere 30 percent of evil doers. 
And when I say, "Recognized" when we are speaking of secular humanist "counselors" of all sorts, a great deal of the harm they do is legally counted as "right, just, moral and ethical" when in fact it is something quite different.  When I use the word, "demonic" it is not an exaggeration. 

(10) Many of you, conditioned by the media, will not want to hear it, but the fact is the present assault on our liberties began in earnest in 1996 in Kansas, when a serial rapist who had served his time was not released from prison.  The case when to the supreme court and they ruled with Kansas, that they had a right to imprison him as an imminent danger to society.  I told anyone who would listen.  "Look it is a tough sell to say, 'When they came for the rapists, I said nothing because I wasn't a rapist." '  And history proved me right because next they came for the pedophiles.  See, still in your hear you are saying, "Good."  But in both cases they had to shred the constitution to continued to incarcerate. I knew that if they could incarcerate without charges a specific category, ultimately they could incarcerate any category they chose.  Do you think it is innocent that they have named people who believe in God as potential terrorists? Do you think it is innocent that they have named people who own guns as potential terrorist?  Do you think it is innocent that they have named people who hate Obamacare as potential terrorist?  These and twenty more "categories of people" have been invented. And IF we do not awaken and take back our country, pretty soon they will be coming for the category YOU are in. 

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