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Jerry Ross - a Romney Zombie and a LIAR.

Jerry Ross, a Romney Zombie came after me on the evening of 8/17/2012 and shamed himself saying " Butch, the last time I read your blog you were defending the Protocols of the Elders of Zion fraud, claiming it was written 30 years earlier... your credibility is near zero."

I will brook being called a lot of things and in this political season the Good Lord knows I have been called a lot of things. But being accused of bigotry against the race of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I cannot brook. 

Anyone knows that to be accused of defending the Protocols of the Elders of Zion fraud, is an accusation of antisemitism, bigotry and hatred.  Jerry Ross, SLANDERED ME.   I did NOT defend the Protocols, I merely placed them OUTSIDE Jewish contest. Jerry Ross is a Slanderer and a Liar.

Here's news that I am sure Butch will be thrilled to read. This is truly amazing the lengths the Paulbots have resorted to in an effort to derail the Mitt Romney candidacy. I was a county delegate for Mitt in my county GOP convention and I can attest to the strongarm tactics Paulbots used to try and prevent Washington State supporting Mitt in the caucuses. The article say Libertarians, but we know who truly is behind this effort. Remember too that Ron Paul is yet to endorse Mitt's candidacy.


OLYMPIA -- The Libertarian Party has filed a lawsuit to block Mitt Romney from the November ballot in Washington state, arguing that...

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    • M A Libertarians try to block Romney from Washington ballot? Huh? How does that reflect their freedom-loving values?
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    • Jerry Ross Great point Mike.
      10 hours ago · 

    • Darryl Postell sickening; I have always been a third party guy but the country is at stake. These people are acting just like Dems; all they care about is self.
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    • Jerry Ross These people trying to derail the Mitt Romney candidacy, as I have been saying for many months, do not understand the concept of pragmatism and that political change is an incremental process. We saw in 2010 that the vast silent majority finally put a brake on Obama's Marxist blueprint and in this election coming up we will begin to turn around those destructive policies that have been implemented. The Paulbot Libertarians seem to think their narrow view must be shared by all conservatives and when conservatives reject the libertarian view, they are accused of being Socialists, traitors and worse.
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    • Mark Oliver The repair of the damage will not happen in one election cycle. Mitt may not be the most conservative guy that was running for the candidacy, but he has won the nomination and we need to back him. Now, we build incrementally...the Dems know how to play this game very well.
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    • Piano Butch ASK YOURSELF! Does Mitt Romney represent the strength, the courage, the wisdom of the Founders? Having battled the left and the leftist media for 40 years NEWT GINGRICH does represent the IDEALS of the Founders. The Founders were not SAINTS, they were men who had faith and believed in LIBERTY and KNEW that our rights are GOD GIVEN. Newt Gingrich is THAT man in OUT time.

GOP primary campaign 2012 grassroots video
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  • Darryl Postell Butch I agree with you 1000%. Now go cast your vote to save the country - Mitt for president.
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  • Piano Butch That vote for the socialist Mitt Romney will NEVER happen. He only had 419 legally bound delegates, but IF he actually does become the nominee then we all are on an express train to Socialist hell, whether Romney or Obama wins.
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  • Penny Cantu i'm voting for mitt romney because paul ryan's hott
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  • M A I think Dear Leader is cool! He smokes cigarettes! He knows celebrities! He plays basketball! He's married to the most elegant woman who has ever lived! He can run down the steps of Air Force One without holding to the handrail! Dear Leader is cool!
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  • Darryl Postell Penny, that's as good a reason as any; voting for Race got us a commie president, and we are a country that appreciates sexiness for sure.
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  • Penny Cantu LOL! i'm totally kidding. but yeah, looks help. i'd much rather Ryan talking on TV than Biden. ugh. he looks like the creepy uncle that gives you candy to sit on his lap.

  • M A Dear Leader is cool! He has an iPod with all his speeches on it! Dear Leader published not one, but two autobiographies! Dear Leader knows how to dance on Ellen's TV show! Dear Leader knows all the street slang! Dear Leader is cool!
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  • Jerry Ross Penny, I thought the same in 1976 when I interviewed & photographed that young cockroach & shook his hand. I thought he was a pedophile way back then.
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  • M A Jerry, did he let you sit on his lap after you ate the candy?
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  • Jerry Ross Just think what might come out of that knucklehead's mouth were he to serve four more years.
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  • M A Stop it Jerry, before something comes out of MY mouth!
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Darryl Postell ‎@ Michael, don't forget walks like a pimp. Penny I knew you were kidding; this is what Biden reminds me of: http://




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  • Jerry Ross It might take him four years to finally get that southern accent right.
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  • Darryl Postell I was just thinking that Jerry.

  • Piano Butch Who knows he might even pronounce Paul Ryan the NEXT PRESIDENT OF THESE UNITED STATES.

  • DTzssn6JQVQ

    Mitt Romney introduced Paul Ryan as the "next President of the United States" instead of Veep in Norfolk
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  • Penny Cantu Just to show i'm Equal Opportunity Shallow, i voted for McCain because his wife AND sarah palin were hott ;)
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  • Darryl Postell ‎*eye roll
    about an hour ago ·  · 2

  • Penny Cantu doood cindy mccain as the first lady???? yeah, i could totally see the sweatpants walking off airforce 1 with her right??

  • Jerry Ross Butch, do you spend every waking minute obsessing about a Romney presidency? You need a shrink man...
    about an hour ago ·  · 2

  • watch?v=kYDNH23c5S8

    Can you believe Jimmy Carter said this? By the way, it was during Carter's accep...See More
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  • watch?v=dKTjlAd-GXM

    Joe Biden: The Next President Is "Barack AMERICA!"
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  • Penny Cantu ok, meanwhile back on the ranch: what good does this do??? Ron Paul CAN'T be on the ballot. He's not running. So this only ensures that WA can vote for Obama or whoever the douche is in the 3rd party. It makes NOOO sense at all.

  • Penny Cantu b/c a 3rd party vote IS a vote FOR obama.

  • Jerry Ross See what you've been missing the past few months Darryl... While you have been battling the africanamerican crowd, I've been fighting the good fight against the likes of Butch & his acolytes.
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  • Darryl Postell probably wasting your air Penny

  • M A Ding! Round 4!
    about an hour ago ·  · 3

  • Penny Cantu eh. i'm bored anyway lol!

  • Jerry Ross Penny, I have tried reasoning with Butch over and over, but it is like talking to musk ox.

  • Darryl Postell LOL! Dang Its tiring either way - Ha Ha! A musk ox!





  • M A I've actually seen two musk oxen (in Alaska) butting heads. Amazing sound.
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  • Jerry Ross And I've had two large glasses of Lambrusco and I still make more sense than Butch.
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  • Darryl Postell Butch is not a real person; no one is that hard headed; and this is from a Newt guy.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Penny Cantu we won't change anyone's mind on either side. I get it, i do. I line up a lot with the libertarian side but I just don't agree with EVERYTHING they want. the practicality is that a 3rd party win is like watching a unicorn half time show during the superbowl. At least if we have a majority we can undo some of these crippling policies gone in to place. We need to realize the president is a face, Congress and Senate have most of the power here, we just need a man that will smile and sign the papers as they repeal all the crap that was penned into existence through executive order.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Jerry Ross Yup, that's it Darryl, try reasoning with that musk ox... now you know what I have been dealing with for the past six months with Butch.

  • M A Ding!
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Darryl Postell ha ha! Round over!
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch Well I'm very complimented that it take several of you to debate me, except you haven't come close.

  • Darryl Postell oh were we debating?

  • M A There's a reason they're called "musk" oxen.

  • Piano Butch Here is what we are dealing with and you like your Buddy Obama are fiddling while the nation burns.


    about an hour ago ·  · 

  • Jerry Ross Wait butch, the judges gave me the round on a knockdown and near fall...
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Penny Cantu the problem with Ron Paul is his supporters, quoting my amazing husband lol! They are less about practicality and more about principles. I admire that unless it endangers our chances of getting conservative judges appointed or horrible legislation repealed. This is the first time i comment here! lol!
    about an hour ago ·  · 2

  • Penny Cantu with 3 comments, i'd hardly call it a debate....a spanking maybe, debate not so much
    about an hour ago ·  · 2

  • Piano Butch Now after you all have had your fun - in the morning when you wake up with a hang over - read what I posted.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Jerry Ross Butch, the last time I read your blog you were defending the Protocols of the Elders of Zion fraud, claiming it was written 30 years earlier... your credibility is near zero.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Darryl Postell ‎" your buudy Obama"? See I told you all Butch is not a real person - must be a robot?



    about an hour ago ·  · 2

  • Piano Butch Jerry I will take a lot -but I will not brook pure slander. I will sue you if you don't admit what you just said is a lie.

  • Darryl Postell OOOO! *waiting to see what happens next

  • Piano Butch Come on big man - state your slander again.

  • Penny Cantu I voted for David Vitter JUST to win back a republican seat and try to gain a majority. I'm def not voting Libertarian just so Obama can unite his forces and get another 4 yrs of paid vacations
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Jerry Ross Darryl, I was beginning to think he is an Obama plant... you know Obummer will resort to any skullduggery.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Penny Cantu ooohhhhh a facebook fight! let's see who puts the caps lock on first (nail biting!!)
    about an hour ago ·  · 2

  • Piano Butch I just took a screen shot of it - no way to back out.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Darryl Postell Skullduggery - Ha! hilarious!

  • Piano Butch Jerry, you are a lying sack of shit.

  • Jerry Ross Butch, I am just relating what you said in one of your recent blogs about the Protocols.

  • Darryl Postell Penny is Derek you husband? answer later - this is good!
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Jerry Ross Unless you decide to delete it, tomorrow if I have time I will dig out your statement about the Protocols.

  • Penny Cantu sure is lol! good guess
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Jerry Ross Butch, I think you are a bit wound up because the shoe is on the other foot. Usually it is you and your two acolytes trying to gang up on me. Here you see that I am being supported by others with common sense and and understanding of pragmatism....

    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Darryl Postell Butch, you know I wanna be on your side because I am a Newt guy; but buddy you gotta stop talking so damn crazy. Ha Ha!
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch Jerry, no you didn't - you said that I "defended" the Protocols and that is slander and I'm coming for you unless you admit the lie. I explained the origins - that they were NOT written by Jewish Elders. You claiming that I defended them is a claim of antisemitism and I won't let it drop.

  • muskox/ovibos-moschatus/


    Muskox droppings with frost crystals - View amazing Muskox photos - Ovibos moschatus - on ARKive
    about an hour ago ·  · 2

  • Piano Butch Screen shot

  • Jerry Ross Leave it to Michael to come up with musk ox droppings.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Darryl Postell Penny, Derek and are are frequent facebook visitors - nice to make your acquaintence.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Jerry Ross Butch, the Protocols were a fraud perpetrated by the Russian secret police... do you not get it?

  • Penny Cantu i've been trying to grow my business, i tend to lay low but i get wound up from time to time. Derek stays busy enough for the both of us though oy! lol!
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch Actually they were written by Russian Orthodox monks - Now apologize for your accusation of antisemitism.

  • Piano Butch Honest Jerry this will not end here unless you apologize for your accusation of antisemitism.

  • M A No inferences should be gathered from my posting of muskoxen poop. It's simply scientific curiosity on my part. I couldn't find any photos of unicorn droppings (for pal, Dave McBlane).
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Jerry Ross Butch, the best way to describe you is "tedious."

  • Piano Butch For your financial health you better add and NOT antisemitic.

  • Jerry Ross I never made such an accusation Butch.... you are attempting to put words in my mouth.

  • Piano Butch I have the screen shot where you said that I "defended" the Protocols - admit that is not true.

  • Penny Cantu can we read the blog in question? is there a link? i'm curious now
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch What I said about the Protocols is that they were NOT of Jewish origin, which is the opposite of your accusation.

  • Piano Butch Speak Jerry your bank balance depends on it.
    about an hour ago · Edited · 

  • Darryl Postell Jeeze, I was better off fighting stupid liberal africanamerican democrats
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch Jerry - I will give you and every witness here my word - I will not edit anything on my blog posts - I KNOW what I've said. I would NEVER make an antisemitic statement - it is NOT in my character.

  • Piano Butch Come on Jerry. Just say "Sorry, I mis-spoke."

  • M A I don't think anyone here has suffered any loss of reputation that could be proven in a court of law. We're debating politics, for heaven's sake.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Darryl Postell Butch, if it makes any difference, I'm convinced you are not antisemitic

  • Piano Butch Sorry Michael - I have the screen shot where Jerry Ross accuse me of "defending" the Protocols of the Elders of Sion - which is an accusation of antisemitism and I WILL NOT let it drop.

  • M A I'm not antisemitic; I just hate Jerry Ross.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch Darryl - sorry - I appreciate yout peace making here but that won't work. I will not brook Ross's slander. Unless he is a fool he will say, "Butch, I am sorry, I misspoke."
    about an hour ago · Edited · 

  • Penny Cantu I'm waiting on laundry and I'd love to read the blog. really, honestly, i'm a reading dork.
    about an hour ago ·  · 1

  • Penny Cantu i think jerry went to bed lol!

  • M A A link, as Penny suggested, would clarify what PB said on his blog.

  • Piano Butch Penny - I'm glad to have anyone read it. I remember relating a story given me by my spiritual mentor about the origins of the Protocols and that they were NOT of Jewish origins. I don't remember which article they are in, but I will look and post the link.
    59 minutes ago · 

  • Penny Cantu thanks!! i don't know what the Protocols are and my walking encyclopedia is sleeping so I would actually love to read it. thanks :)
    58 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Notice, how silent my good friend Jerry Ross had become. That should tell it all.
    58 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch But for poor Jerry it isn't over until he apologized for the accusation that I am antisemitic.
    57 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch 
    Unlike some people who have to remember the lie they have told - an advantage of being a truth teller is knowing that your expressions are consistent. I haven't yet found the article (I've written hundreds on multiple sites) but it will rel
    ate that the Protocols were written by Orthodox Monks who were trying to tell the world about the Cabal that was in control of world events - Some would call it the Illuminati - I call it the Scientistic Dictatorship Elite. They were talking about the Czar and the ruling elite in Europe and used "Jewish elders" as code cover, since they would have been executed for speaking openly about the ruling Elite. That was NO defense of the Protocols of the Elder of Zion - that very sentence is an accusation of antisemitism.
    52 minutes ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch Thirty-two minutes - Cousin Jerry must be sitting on the john.
    47 minutes ago · 

  • www.porcelainpoetry.faketri



    44 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Maybe cousin Jerry got sucked down one of those fancy toilets.
    42 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Jerry Ross, my good friend, here is the reference you are getting carpel-tunnel syndrome searching for (I have an index not published) This is (I am 99% sure) my only reference ever in ALL MY LIFE to the Protocols of the Elders of Sion.

    ...See More

    35 minutes ago · Edited ·  · 

  • Piano Butch Come on Jerry Ross Apologize and save yourself a boat load of trouble and money. ASk that Muslim woman in Georgia how slandering me turned out.
    32 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Forty minutes now - an eternity in facebook "combat" - are you there Jerry Ross the man who slandered me and accused me of defending the Protocol of the Elders of Zion.
    27 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Jerry Ross, silent for an hour. An Hour is an ETERNITY in Facebook debate.
    18 minutes ago · 

  • Jerry Ross 
    As usual Butch, you tried to steer me wrong. The above article is not the correct one. But I did find the correct essay from last month (you have a very short memory it appears). I quote you directly below and stating that the Protocols 
    is true once again proves my point. You want to sue me, go ahead and I will counter sue and take all you have,

    "(1) He read the "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and more or less took them at face value - as have many Orthodox Christians in the world. What he failed to grasp is that the Protocols are a forgery, but yet TRUE. This book that came out of the bowels of Czarist Russia, is a coded book of survival wisdom. It uncovers a great conspiracy of wealth and power, which aims to enslave humanity in a New World Order. The Russian Monks who authored this book, in the 1880s dare not speak the truth plainly; they would have been executed, or sent to Siberian Labor Camps. The "Learned Elders of Zion" are actually the Theosophical/Sophian/

  • Luciferian/Illuminati, who at the time controlled Russia, were the power structure of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Vatican and of all of Europe. When you drain "The Protocols" of the anti-semitic code-cover, every word is TRUE."

    Now be sure to screen shot this so you can jog your memory and it can be used in my counter suit... The one who deserves the apology is me.
    17 minutes ago · 

  • Penny Cantu dude, i hate to break it to you, but we've all been silent. i'm only up to turn my ipad sound off so it stops pinging ever seconds. Thank you for the link, i am saving it and will read it tomorrow. good night all.
    16 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch How IDIOTIC can you be Jerry Ross - to claim that I defended the the Protocols of the Elders of Zion when I called them A FORGERY.
    14 minutes ago · 

  • Jerry Ross You called them true you imbecile... read your own words...
    14 minutes ago ·  · 1

  • Piano Butch Quoting myself in the above txt "What he failed to grasp is that the Protocols are a forgery,"
    13 minutes ago · 

  • Jerry Ross I'd like an apology...
    13 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Fuck you and I am coming after you.
    13 minutes ago · 

  • Jerry Ross Keep reading knucklehead
    13 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch You accused me of antisemitism -
    12 minutes ago · 

  • Jerry Ross You said the protocols were true... I'll let others do the judging.
    11 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Answer the question, Jerry. Do you accuse me of antisemitism?
    11 minutes ago · 

  • Jerry Ross facts are stubborn things....
    11 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch ‎"What he failed to grasp is that the Protocols are a forgery, but yet TRUE. This book that came out of the bowels of Czarist Russia, is a coded book of survival wisdom. It uncovers a great conspiracy of wealth and power, which aims to enslave humanity in a New World Order." I did NOT defend the Protocols - I explained there NOT JEWISH meaning.
    9 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch I guess our lawyers are going to sort it out.
    9 minutes ago · 

  • Darryl Postell I wish I could help but I understand theosophy not the protocols. I understand that this says Blavaskiites might have written them but it still confuses me after that - sorry, see ya in court guys.
    7 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch I ended the paragraph saying, "When you drain 'The Protocol' of the anti-semitic code-cover, every word is TRUE." - You are a slanderer, Jerry Ross trying to paint me as antisemitic. Anyone, anyone in the Jewish world knows that the accusation that someone defends the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an accusation of antisemitism, of bigotry and hate speech. You are a liar and a disgusting man.

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