Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Fall of the Republic of the United States of America

This video is two and a half hours of truth that will make you weep, IF you have a clue about the constitution and what the United States of America is supposed to be. The game is over. Our politics is a sham. All that is left is resistance by whatever means necessary.

Ian Taylor wrote in 1999 in his book, In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order,  "However, Fascism or Marxism, right wing or left - - all these are only ideological roads that lead to Aldous Huxley's brave new world [i.e. scientific dictatorship], while the foundation for each of these roads is Darwin's theory of evolution. Fascism is aligned with biological determinism and tends to emphasize the unequal struggle by which those inherently fittest shall rule. Marxism stresses social progress by stages of revolution, while at the same time it paradoxically emphasized peace and equality.  There should be no illusions; Hitler borrowed from Marx. The result is that both Fascism and Marxism finish at the same destiny - - totalitarian rule by the elite." (pg 411)   

I remember reading this in 1999 and thinking how Reaganism had proved to be a two edged sword, that while it brought down communism it had ushered in something far more sinister, which was touted in that sings-song triumphal voice about the New World Order. I reference George Herbert Walker Bush.  Notice the date of that speech was, 9/11 - 1990. I remembered in 1989 watching the Berlin Wall being dismantled and people celebrating and I was filled with grief. My wife was puzzled by my reaction. I told her, "That huge subversive apparatus, filled with killers, liars and bureaucrats and massive technological capability is suddenly now going to be free, with nothing to do. Bureaucrats know how to justify their jobs. They will turn that apparatus on us now. May God Have Mercy." She said, "Do you think the KGB is that powerful?" I said, "No hun, I'm talking about the C.I.A., F.B.I., N.S.A. and every other spook outfit, now looking for a mission."

Then Bill Clinton's reign, the purposeful provocation against Christians that was the fiasco at Ruby Ridge and Waco, then the reprisal they were hoping for a year later in Oklahoma City. I watched them experimenting with they brainwashing techniques they used to create the Rodney King riots, and drum up support for Kosovo. Now they had all the reason they needed to match the actions they were already taking with the home grown subversives, they created. 1996 and the Olympic Park bombing, surrounded in time by the bombing of abortion clinics. 

I wrote volumes about the government's roll in creating these things and was rewarded with having an FBI undercover officer assigned to me from 1996 to 2003. All the time by the Holy Spirit I knew who and what he was while he did everything in his power to become my best friend. I gained huge respect for him. I believe him to be a genuinely good man, misguided and blind to the reality of the times, but still a good and decent man. As as prison chaplain, I saw him do genuinely merciful work with inmates in our care and I truly appreciated the government paying him to help me. I never saw a moment's anger out of him until mercifully I released him from his assignment one day saying, "Roger, I'm going to do you a favor. I've known that you were law enforcement from the first day we met."  I could see he was dumb-founded. I described the day, the event and even what he was wearing. I said, "Did you really think that I was unaware of you following the playbook, even dressing like I dress, learning to speak like I speak?" He turned red in the face. Now, understand we were apparent close friends for those years. He did not curse, but where before he always addressed me so over-respectfully as Father Rob, suddenly it was Butch and the words were laced with venom. He said, "Butch, you are nothing but a huckster." I know it had to sting, because he had wasted six and a half years. He got on his Harley and road away and I've never laid eyes on him since. This government is serious and in your face, watching everything, reading everything, don't think it is passive at all. Every ounce of energy it possesses it is pushing toward that New World Order and any who stand in its way are "the enemy."  Yes, I AM the enemy of the Scientistic Dictatorship commonly called the New World Order. It is Satanic at its core, merely the latest pagan Tower of Babel and will come to the same end, but not before it chews up million, maybe billions more. (After all it has financed and arranged 1.6 billion abortions in the last thirty years - This statistic from Dr Wyman Yale University - the "establishment's" most respected evolutionary demographer and population expert.)  

Meantime came Clinton's purposeful ignoring of Muslim radicalism, the purposeful slaughter of Christians in Kosovo, the U.S. and Alqiada terrorists fighting side by side to give Kosovo to the Muslims and the very valuable mines holding in Kosovo to George Soros.  I knew 9/11/ was coming and the whole world seemed a strange place. Then came that Kansas case June 1997, Kansas v. Hendricks, where the ACLU got it right in their brief saying: 

WAIT: Before you read the statement - did you notice your visceral reaction to the mention of the ACLU? Didn't you just say to yourself, "If it came from the ACLU it can't be true?" Did you think this? This is how you are conditioned and don't even realize it.  I remember Jay Sekulow, ACLJ's Chief Counsel, (the American Center for Law and Justice) soft soaping this case and failing to sound the alarm. Do you think he would have survived YOUR prejudice if he had argued on the side of the ACLU, when they were in the right? Recently he has argued on the same side as the ACLU, but then it would have been a career killer, coming to the defense of a child molester. 

"This case is not about whether our children should be protected from sexual offenders, but how to accomplish that goal without trampling on basic civil liberties of every citizen," said Steven R. Shapiro, the ACLU's national legal director. "The states can and should enforce long prison terms for repeat sexual offenders," Shapiro added. "But we should not allow politicians to use mental hospitals as a place to lock up individuals who are regarded as dangerous. The result today distorts both psychiatry and laws." 

I wrote about the case saying, '"First they came for the homosexuals' . .  but wait . . . that was Germany. In America they made cult heroes of the homosexuals so we would not notice when they came for the child molesters. We all said, 'We have nothing to worry about because we are not child molesters.'"  

They did trample the basic civil liberties of every citizen and now fifteen years later they can come for ANYONE, arrest ANYONE without charges and incarcerate without trial. All of those prophylactic laws, in place by the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, which is, being able to arrest you for your 'potential' not for your actions are stacked on the legal precedent of that Kansas v Hindricks case.  But people were sleeping, including the watch dogs like Sekulow, or as Father Thomas Hopko has said, "People were consuming, computing, calculating and copulating" and too busy to notice the day they lost their civil liberties, that was June 23rd 1997 - I've never forgotten the day. 

Reading Taylor's words it clicked into my mind how from Nixon, to Ford, to Carter, to Reagan, to G.H.W. Bush, to Clinton, the New World Order flowed in an uninterrupted fashion, how even the "Republican Revolution" of Newt Gingrich had been sucked into it, how men were corrupted and marginalized or killed - (my friend Congressman Larry McDonald being one who was killed - it was his insights that shook me from my previous naivete) players came and went but the inexorable march to the Scientific Dictatorship was the only constant and there was that other Bush face in 1999 (Dubah) . . . talking all the right stuff, babbling empty conservative rhetoric laced in the language of the Christian Religion but devoid of Christianity's teaching. It was neither conservative nor Christian, but the cover image for the next set of Neo-Cons still marching to Zion, literally, as in The Protocols of the Wise Men of Sion. These were not Jewish elders, these are the fanatics of the New World Order who see themselves as the New Israelites. I knew that we would reach THIS day June 28th 2012 when our republic would fall. I hoped I would not live to see it; I hoped it would happen far into the future, but like a house of cards, boom, the Twin Towers, boom, the Pentagon, boom, Shanksville, boom the Jihadist sniper-killers who terrorized D.C. and Northern Virginia, boom, the Anthrax attacks, boom, the massive wild fires in suburban areas, boom, the increase in tanker truck explosions, boom, the increase in train derailments, boom the massive chemical spills, boom, billion of barrels of abiotic oil now sits on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, none of this was accident or natural causes . . .  and the destruction of the republic is soon complete. And oddly, very, very oddly just as Osama bin Laden stated it would happen. Now we are merely people, land and property spread across what once was a great and Free country, with a short but amazing history unmatched by any previous civilization or nation, but now buried in the bondage of debt, leaders who have hobbled us, armed forces that are confused, and now the new (Brown Shirt) domestic civilian army of Obama's creation. These are our stable keepers. We have purposely cultivated the homegrown Jihadist movement by evil immigration policies, and now Obama has erased the "reality" of our borders. How can one not grieve? But there is no time for it. The work of freeing our grand children from the slavery of tyranny has to being NOW. 

The first work is we have to TEACH them their true history, because just a Michelle Obama stated clearly, they have changed our culture, changed our history, so that the young have NO chance of learning what is true, unless WE teach them. And in the process we ourselves have to learn True and Foundational Christianity and free ourselves from the gnostic/pagan imitations of Christian that flood many of the Mega Churches, the christian book market and cable t.v.  Christianity is not about "feel-good-ism" it is about Truth and Truth in ALL Things. It is about Truth even when Truth is painful and ugly.  

Do not surrender! Do not give up. Prepare to sacrifice whatever is needed for our God Given Liberty. 

George H.W. Bush's New World Order Speech - hindsight is 20x20 - this man is just one more in a long line of traitor.

Archpriest Symeon Elias - Here I STAND.

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