Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Hail Mary Pass - The Come Back Ticket

2 + 2 = 4  Can you say desperation for a failed campaign? 

When is the last time that you saw a desperate and sinking campaign have to create hype by choosing a vice presidential candidate two week before a party's convention?

Part of the suspense and press and bump caused by the party's convention is the pick of the Vice Presidential candidate.

This reeks of desperation because Romney is increasingly fearful that he will not be the nominee and in desperation like everything else with this fake campaign he needed images to try to make him look like the nominee.

The odd part is that Romney is NOT the nominee and for many months when is was continually and incessantly called by the party bosses and the media, the "likely nominee" and the "probable nominee" he was NOT even in first place in the running!  When he managed to muscle his way to first place using the Saul Alinsky BIG LIE campaign and thuggery worthy of any Chicago crime boss, they started calling him "the presumptive nominee."

Even with all that money, now hundreds of millions of dollars it is NOT working. That is obvious from this Hail Mary Pass for a ticket that the media, and even Romney and Ryan themselves are calling "The Come Back Ticket."

The result of this action will not stop the open convention and a struggle for the actual nomination, unless Romney's thuggery tactics manage to hijack the process at the convention, the same way his thugs hijack the process on the local and state level all across the country - you know the thug tactics that has more than 400 delegates to the GOP Convention in Tampa, suing the Republican National Committee, Mitt Romney and the Romney Campaign.

The fellow in this video is the lawyer who represents those 400 delegates, some who are Romney delegated, some who are Gingrich delegates, some who are Santorum delegates, and some who are Ron Paul delegates. He is a Paul supporter, I am not - but I applaud all the delegates willing to buck the Romney criminal machine.  We have had our candidates CHOSEN FOR US too many times - it is time for the Romney Thugs to honor the process.  Today's exercise in theater was anything BUT respectful of the process.

Do these people take drugs before these big announcements. 

Do you really think that this fellow Ryan isn't a dupe for the Banksters?

Where is his outrage at the fact the investigation into Goldman Sachs was stopped cold turkey this week, WITH NO INDICTMENTS!

How could you expect him to protest when he was part of the cabal that ripped off the American People to the tune of TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

Remember what I said about Orwellian talk speak? Here he is saying that he is voting for something that offends his conscience. WHY?  His only reason is the "Shock Fear Response" the panic in his voice trying to make YOU think he was a freak'n martyr!


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