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Sophisticated Propaganda - A lesson in mental/emotional manipulation


The following video made the FaceBook rounds the evening of 8/14/2012, given to conservative republicans who are threatening not to vote for Mitt Romney. It was touted as "Mr.L tells it like it is to Mitt Romney supporters."Good ole boy, one of us standing against the Romney machine?

The voice over is ostensibly telling Romney supports what they have to do to make the Romney campaign attractive to conservatives and everything it says is true about the shortfalls and blunders of the Romney campaign, however the video had another purpose. It was designed to instill in the minds of the unsuspecting conservative Romney opponents that their only choice was to vote for Romney or endure hell at the hands of Obama.  

This fellow actually had non-Romney supporters posting this to Romney supporters, a video that seems to confirm ALL the arguments of the Romney supporters. AMAZING!  Sadly MANY conservatives have posted it, thinking they were making the argument for their non-support and when confronted with its content, deny its content.   

The purpose of the video was summed up in the last statement saying: "And while I may not worship at the feet of Mitt Romney and blog for Romney, and do a segment every day of the week about Romney up until the election about the glories of Romney and how Mitt Romney is the all knowing all telling, but now I know what's at stake. I know what is at stake with the country if Obama gets another four years and I know something needs to be done about it and I know that we are in trouble and I'm taking it very seriously, what I'm trying to say to you Romney supporters you need to look yourselves in the mirror and you need to ask yourselves is the Romney campaign taking seriously, do they know what's at stake? Does even Mitt Romney fully understand and know what is at stake in this country if he continues to run the campaign that he is running now and loses.  That's the deal with that"

I wrote:

I posted the video as an example of very sophisticated propaganda with the following note, and immediately got blow-back:

If you want to view the Saul Alinsky Big Lie sophistication of the RNC/Romney machine - watch this tape. Ultimately what is the message? (1) Romney is okay, (2) the people who oppose him are "emotional" best addressed as if in a bar. (3) The trouble with the Romney campaign is the campaign itself and those surrounding and directing Romney but not actually Romney himself - (4) Ultimately conservatives will rally around Romney because they "have to." This is the exact same thing the Romney Zombies have been reciting over and over again, but this is done with mind numbing hypnotic sophistication! Bravo to the creator(s)! This video IS THE BEST PIECE OF PROPAGANDA I HAVE SEEN IN THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN.

HOWEVER (BIG HOWEVER) the problem IS NOT those surrounding the Socialist Romney - the problem is ROMNEY Himself AND HIS GOVERNING RECORD. ANY conservative that can convince himself that voting for a Socialist who instituted Socialized Medicine and Gay Marriage is in his own self-interest or in the interest of LIBERTY is simply deluded. I WILL NEVER CAST A VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY even if Jesus Christ were his running mate and his opponent was the Lucifer/Satan ticket.

Watch the video if you can take it.

Some friends took exception to me characterizing the tape as propaganda though it clearly is. It is propaganda, trolling for conservative votes for Mitt Romney, using positive reinforcement, first the "belongingness trigger" and the "I am a good person trigger"  we are just poor mis-understood non-Romney supporters and you have been rude to us and our stance is reasonable. Which is the opposite of the intent of the video - which is to instill that Romney is ABSOLUTELY necessary to survive. And that's where the "Shock/Fear Trigger" is pulled. If I don't vote for Romney all hell will break loose.

"Shock Fear Trance" syndrome.  Every person who watched the video who had no prior knowledge of its creator, and was unfamiliar with his work told me that they "zoned-out" while watching it, but they thought the fellow was nice and he really told those rude Romney supporters.  However, the real message of the video was absorbed by their subconscious without their knowledge fear Obama, vote for Romney because he is your only hope to stave off hell on earth. 

I encountered the author on a mutual friends page (a fan of his - who highly recommended the video and was angry at me for questioning it.)  He of course protested loudly that I thought his piece was propaganda and he protested that he was NOT a supporter of Romney. After many insults and curse words, and much effort to try to marginalize me, taint my opinion as nutty, me stupid, perverted, old; he used methods to try to anger me and make me irrational and unfocused, etc. I walked him into (1) exposing his support for Romney and (2) his deep Fear of an open convention. How? I pictured for him an open convention and the logical reason for it happening and he "lost it."  After he lost it, he started posting all sorts of articles and trying to evade and confuse. The thought of the convention busting open REALLY ANGERED him and knocked him off kilter.  

I am Piano Butch
our protagonist is Mrl Tav:

  • Piano Butch Every delegate is unbound - they can vote as they choose.
    52 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav yeah that's not going to happen. I live in the real world. I'd like to believe that. but I can't. it's out of my hands and yours. please tell me how that works for you after the RNC when mandate mitt is the nominee.
    52 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav Listen if you don't already understand that the RNC is nothing but a show then it shows your total naivety
    51 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch One thing the RNC did right, they shot themselves in the foot by refusing to honor their own rules, over and over and over again this season. So now when they say, "You must honor the convention rules" it has NO MEANING.
    51 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav Here this is what I think of gays. http://www.youtube.com/

US Airways had Deshon Marmon arrested for "sagging" on a plane, but allowed a sc...See More
51 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav Well then you can go tell them. Go piss up a rope and leave me alone.
    50 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Does it insult you that they have created anarchy and won't be in control of the convention? Why, would that insult you IF you are not a Romney supporter?
    49 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav Here's my immigration thoughts please let me know what subliminal messages you find.http://youtu.be/

  • P2KIjahNPII

    In case you missed it, Barack H. Obama plays the Green Card. The so called Const...See More
    48 minutes ago · Edited · 

  • Piano Butch Are you going to answer my question? Why would RNC created anarchy at the convention anger you?
    47 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav The establishment insults me every day http://www.youtube.com/

  • watch?v=3QKW9n6sAoU

    Establishment RNC & DNC Hacks Don't Blame Obama for Scandals & Throw Sarah Palin...See More
    47 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav BTW I was for brokered conventions before it was cool http://www.youtube.com/

  • watch?v=1r2aKwZoirI

    Jeb Bush tells Politico that he "used to be conservative". And this is who the G...See More
    46 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Then why the angry reaction to an open convention?
    45 minutes ago · 

  • IPKbUZeT0f0

    The SOBs in the GOP look to change the primary rules that they created last year...See More
    45 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav another Romney subliminal http://www.youtube.com/

  • watch?v=x-VUbMipbWU

    Mitt Romney using Alinksy methods on Newt Gingrich bringing up 30 year old frivo...See More
    45 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav Because it's frankly too late. And there are no participants to offer themselves up.
    44 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Mrl - It is nice that you are creating this library - but I won't be listening to your stuff, since you seem to distance yourself from your own words.
    44 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Trust me when the first vote fails - "participants" will come out of the woodwork.
    43 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav Who are the participants who are offering themselves up and what are you doing besides reading my tea leaves to stop Romney?
    42 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch You are kidding me right? You know about the multiple lawsuits against the RNC and the Romney campaign by supporters of Gingrich, Santorum and Romney and Paul Delegates?
    41 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav yeah ok. again, tell me how that goes after the RNC in 2 weeks.
    41 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav Doesn't matter. None of them are going to do it. Ron Paul! Are you kidding!!!! Ron Paul was a surrogate of the Romney campaign. You're an idiot. He was Romney's stalking horse all through the primaries
    40 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch The point is, when you buy the RNC line that it is over - you become part of the propaganda machinery - making it a self-fulfilling prophecy - a tactic that Romney has used to great effect this cycle.
    40 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch I don't give a damn about Ron Paul and I am as aware as you that he was bought and paid for. That's not the point.
    39 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav yeah ok. what are you excatly doing other than running around insisting it's going to happen to make it happen.
    39 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav No you're obviously not. He was bought and paid for and is still a kept woman. A man pining for a position in the Romney admin is not going to rock the boat. don't you know anything. this is politics 101.1.
    38 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch As if MY action make a hill of difference. Millions are being spent to bust the convention open.
    38 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch You are forgetting the anarchy factor - only ONE of the many lawsuits are sanctioned by the Paul group.
    37 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav And what exactly does MY action do dumb ass????? I can't make it happen either. Butch let me make this clear, the definition of HELL is a place where there is no reason and you just dragged me into HELL tonight.
    37 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav There isn't going to be any anarchy and you shouldn't ask for that. that's stupid. all there is going to be if that does happen is a lot of people filling the Florida jails. it's not going to change anything.
    36 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Well, that video you made wasn't motiveless, it was reasoned and about the best "sales job" for conservatives to vote for Romney that I've seen. It was an amazing piece of work.
    35 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch If there were major arrest inside the arena it would be the end of the Republican Party - in fact I'll be very surprised if this cycle isn't the end of the GOP anyway.
    34 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav Whatever man. I'm done. I really don't care less. You're obviously a lonely old man looking for someone to talk to tonight I'm not.
    34 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav Well then get your ticket and go down there. Get a nice cell. Enjoy your anarchy.
    33 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Lonely - 6 children 16 grand kids give great grand kids, a healthy wife. I hiked to day 5 miles and rode my bike 20 - If that's a cell you should be so lucky. <smile> See You around.
    32 minutes ago · Edited · 

  • Mrl Tav God bless. They probably can't stand you. Go to hell.
    32 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch <smile> Go to my page and look and eat your bitter heart out.
    31 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch Mrl Tav, really enjoyed the conversation - when you got down to it.
    30 minutes ago · 

  • Mrl Tav I really don't care.
    29 minutes ago · 

  • Piano Butch 
    NOW: for all you claiming that Mrl was not trolling for votes for Romney in that video, as ridiculous as this exchange has been, he has admitted that he hopes Romney wins, is fearful that he won't win; he does not want an open conventions, he is 100% behind MITT ROMNEY -(which was my contention) even though he is supposedly not "actively supporting him." His position is EXACTLY what all those other Romney Zombie has been, they presented their view bombastically and he presented his with soft gloved hand - My initial premise was correct and this tread proves as it stands unedited at 23:56 CDT.
    23 minutes ago · 
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