Friday, June 29, 2012

Today I Am Post-Human: Or So They Say

Well on the morning of June 29th 2012 I awaken to discover that my Government recognizes me as a post-human beast only, whose body and physical health is at the mercy of the State, the keepers of all human "livestock" Obama's Medical Czars. I'm post human because these people do not recognize my humanity, cannot recognize any higher aspect of me than the fact - according to their religion of Scientism - that I am one of the higher primates, a member of the Great Ape family of the "species" called homo-sapien:

the species of bipedal primates to which modernhumans belong, characterized by a brain capacity averaging1400 cc (85 cubic in.) and by dependence upon language and the creation and utilization of complex tools.

Isn't the family cute!

I'm post-American, as Obama has repeatedly stated, and since Justice Roberts fell in lock step, defecated on the Constitution, and destroyed any meaning that piece of parchment ever had; this following 50 years of assaults upon the same by the utopian planners who have to destroy it to succeed with their Luciferian goals. There goal is to mark humanity with "The Mark of The Beast" and control humanity like livestock in a pen. Anyone who buys into the "biology only" paradigm of Extreme Materialism of the Evolutionists has accepted "The Mark of the Beast" and you will be approved of the establishment. You know the scientistic truths, for instance that a homosexual is born predisposed to his proclivity, and there is nothing to be done, since as a beast he is material only and a slave to his genes.   

But I have news for them. I will never accept The Mark of the Beast.  Just as no one could destroy my Christianity by destroying every Bible on the planet and every Christian word ever written by any Christian writer, and just as no breaking of commandments and mocking of things sacred by pagans, muslims and atheists can destroy my Christianity, so the destruction of the Constitution and the mocking of its principles cannot destroy my LIBERTY.

My Christianity doesn't come from books, it comes to me "fleshly heart to fleshly heart" from the witness of precious Christians I have known all my life who have lovingly shared the stories of their journeys and their experience of Almighty God, where a spark of that Divinity that rested in their hearts, like a contagion took abode in my heart and burned me, and challenged the stone that was my heart and turned it day by day from stone to flesh, flowing with the blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Only then was I capable of finding the True Light in the Sacred Writings, till then the words were dust and death. It was that spark of uncreated energy Christ shared with me that progressively illumined everything. Where lie became as apparent as a dark shadow in the room and the demonic world was pushed back, where in time Truth was grasped and spoken. 

One such heart of flesh, so sweetly filled with both frightening strength and gentle humility was Corrie Ten Boom whose stories told to me when I was a boy, almost in a whisper sometimes with eyes welled with tears as she observed my bitter heart. She would say in her deep Dutch accent, "The shell is hard and brittle, but you are not fooling me. That shell hides a heart wounded and in need of healing. But don't worry one day that shell will turn as soft and strong as subtle leather, and your heart will constantly bleed." She was right. Faith comes by hearing - sharing - experience, and I too became a witness, speaking most effectively in almost a whisper, sharing the spark in my heart that had turned to fire. This is the Liberty that is Inalienable - no book or parchment can create it or contain it.

Just as my Christianity does not come from a document, neither does my Liberty come from a government; it is NOT the result of ink on parchment.  My Christianity exists in my being, and so does my liberty, and no assault can change that. My Christianity is a blessed and undeserved gift of a benevolent God, who in the Person of Jesus Christ suffered and conquered death by death so that I might share in his glorified nature and have LIFE, and that same God has endowed me with inalienable rights, the rights proper to the dignity of the human and these rights include the right to say - Nice try, utopian seeking, pagan New World Order Post-Humans - but no Cigar, I'm the same person I was yesterday, before you conquered the Constitution, just a little wiser, and tomorrow I'll be the same person by God's mercy and grace just a little wiser still, and I am your worst nightmare, a HUMAN alive, angry, joyful and un-hypnotized. 

Chances are, if you are reading this, you probably are not hypnotized either, or you would not give my thoughts the time of day. They would be just foolishness to you, some ignorant throwback to the pre-scientistic era.  OR you may be partly hypnotized, but awakening. Saints of God we have to awaken. We cannot live in the spiritual darkness of this culture and create anything but suffering, death and hell for our children and grand children. If we do not awaken, we cannot awaken them and tens of millions of them are hypnotized and victims of the deadly conditioning of the culture. 

They are not bad people, but they are neo-pagans and don't even realize it, having accept the odd combination of "spirituality" that is the new paganism - the material-gnosticism that is the religion of the Beast. If you know theology and evolution you have to know what an unlikely combination those two words are, "material-gnosticism" but that is the truth of it. The spirituality is physical, and comprised of mythology that is material-rationalism and emotionalism. What is positive and good, has no moral context. It simply means what feels good and seems on the surface ego satisfying. These poor young people have become such "sheep" of the Luciferian fold that Lucifer is using them as living Ikons of the gnostic theology he is teaching them. They turn themselves over to be canvases of Satan's theology, and the further into darkness they sink, the uglier the symbols become. 

Many find themselves "shell shocked" where this evil day has taken them like a thief - and they are unprepared. You have to be the sons and daughters of the Light, the sons and daughters of the Day. If you are here reading this you can't remain sons and daughters of the darkness. "For those who sleep, sleep in the darkness and those who get drunk are drunk at night."  For the healing of ourselves, our families and communities, we have to awaken and sober-up. We have to take to our hearts the vitality, the LIFE, the protection of Faith and LOVE - the God who IS LOVE, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we have to "in hope" begin the process of healing our minds, ridding ourselves of every lying illusion and delusion of this pagan culture of death. We have to TURN THE T.V. off, and stop allowing the corporate manipulators and controllers to hypnotize us as we stare blankly at the screen - allowing our emotions to dance and be conditions by lies and death.  

A precious friend who was a wonderful Christian Science "practitioner" (yes I know Christian Science is gnosticism - but that doesn't mean that everything said by a Christian Scientist is a lie)  - that precious lady said to me, "There is nothing more evil than calling what is evil, good. Discovering what is evil and death engendering and what is good and life engendering is the highest wisdom." And she is absolutely right. We cannot be set free by illusion and uplifting sounding words, and "inspiration" that reaches merely to our emotional response and not to the bottom of our heart with the power to CHANGE us. Such uplifting speech merely adds layer upon layer of delusion upon our hearts and minds. Nothing but Truth may set us free and start the process of our healing; healing where our mind becomes continually conscious of God, and our hearts turn from stone to flesh. This is the hope - - the ἐλπίς
elpis = el-pece' = From ἔλπω elpō which is a primary word "to anticipate, usually with pleasure; to hold expectation, abstract or concrete and confidence" - -  this is the hope of salvation, which Saint Paul called, a helmet of protection. 

We have witnessed in this last political year thousands of people whose core psyche is anger, disappointment, frustration and some expressing defeat and hopelessness. Their infant ego is insulted because things haven't automatically gone like they thought it should. They have been tricked and they are pissed.

IF we are to be LIGHT, to share the FIRE that should inhabit our heart, that FIRE of LOVE, LIGHT, HOPE, TRUTH, we cannot fall victim to "anger only."  We are not called to anger. Certainly there are times when if we are not angry we are not right. Anger is not a sin. But when anger hangs on and torments us, well that is a sinful nature expressing itself. We are not purposely sinning, we rather have become the victim of sin. Saint Paul said it rather graphically, "God did not appoint us to wrath, but to the obtaining of healing through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us."  Did not appoint us to wrath - - we think that means simply anger, when we read it in English. But the word in the original Greek is Orgay - you don't have to be very creative to imagine the etymology of the word, "orgy" do you, and that is exactly the meaning of this word, "violent passions." We are not appointed to "violent passions." One of the Holy Father/Saints - I can't recall which and it doesn't matter, said, "The proof of an insane man is one who is still failing his fists in the air, boxing at shadows long after the conflict is over." By the way this is where the term "shadow boxing" comes from. Anyway, he is depicting a man full of wrath - full of orgay - full of violent passions. Violent passions cannot change a single mind, in fact, cannot do anything but spread the disease.

I'm the least religion person you will ever meet. I HATE the persona and pretension of "holiness" and "piety" and "humility."  Wait now, I didn't say that I hate holiness, or piety, or humility, I said I hate the persona and pretension of the same. When it is real it is buried in the perfectly appropriate and full range of human emotions, ever ready for expression "INSTANT in season and out of season" as Saint Paul taught. From the conflict to being finished with the conflict is one tenth second in length. The anger of the conflict cannot hang on as a violent passion, and have sway with our day like an orgay.  Appropriate Anger and Violent Passions expressed in the political arena are not synonymous. Appropriate Anger is expressed against the lie and the Father of Lies, and any means to expose him is appropriate, and healing. It lances the wound in the victim who holds the lie festering like an infection, and MAY provide a healing therapy. That is what the holy scriptures mean when it says that "the word of God is living and effectual, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intentions of the heart." When you speak truth it punctures the festering passions of those caught in lies and you have to be careful because, if they are not ready for it, they will simply hate you. But properly used only Truth may lance the festering passions and start the healing process.  This holds nothing in common with the battle of "ego vs ego" "pride vs pride" "orgay vs orgay." NOTHING good can be gained of such exercise.  Now at times it may appear "passionate" when two people are speaking "contaminated" or Truth that is not "sharp." Then that communication is in love and it is iron sharpening iron. 

Do you think Jesus came to make the pagan cultures peaceful - to create a utopia upon the earth by masking over the horrors of human neglect and abuse? No he said, "Do not suppose that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." He wasn't speaking of a weapon of iron or steel. He was speaking of the "sword of the spirit of truth" that has to be used judiciously, that is capable of creating "wounds that are healing." 

In this mix of all the "battling" for what is true and right, there is food and drink for the sacred warriors. It is a food and drink that is inexhaustible, capable of sustaining an army of the righteous for decades and centuries if need be. That food is HIS real presence - and if you know about it already you understand what I'm saying is true - and if you don't believe in HIS real presence, there is nothing I can do to change your mind except to invite you and say, "Come, Taste and See how sweet is the real presence of the Lord." And accompany that presence is prayer, not often, but constant, where every motion is taken as unto the Lord. So that even a sinner like me may say, "Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, Have Mercy on me, a sinner." My friend Fr Paul always reminds me, "With St Paul's challenge to pray unceasingly, the Orthodox tradition offers the Jesus Prayer, which is sometimes called the prayer of the heart. It is first and foremost a prayer of the Spirit, because the prayer addresses Jesus as Lord, Christ and Son of God; and St. Paul tells us, 'no one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit."  Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on us. Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me. 

Archpriest Symeon Elias - Here I Stand.

Sacred spaces are very, very important. Your prayer corner ought to be at least a big as your bar. <smile>

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