Saturday, June 30, 2012

Neo-Conservatives' Inability To See The Forest For the Trees.

Simply stated, the trees are Obama Care. The Forest is the most dictatorial supreme court PRECEDENT possible, which effectively destroyed the last restraints on Federal Power. 

I really don't think that all the so-called Conservative voices spinning Justice Roberts as a genius and touting the end of Obama Care as the ultimate result of his actions are actually as ignorant as they appear. What they are saying is contextually true vis a vis the trees. But the Neo-Cons are as dangerous as the Left, and they know the power that has just been handed to the Federal Government and they are SILENT about it. 

Even if this move by the Supreme Court blows up the entire Affordable Health Care Law, it STILL created a PRECEDENT handing to the Federal Government the power to TAX for doing NOTHING, to tax as a coercion to make you act in some way they deem good for the General Welfare.

People don't grasp the monumental significance of a Supreme Court PRECEDENT. There was such a Supreme Court Precedent in 1997 - Kansas v Hendricks - the Supreme Court ruled that the state of Kansas had the right to incarcerate a sex offender, AFTER he had completed his sentence, because he was deemed SANE but yet, a danger to society. Everybody cheered and I screamed wait! - that's a hellish PRECEDENT. I explained, "They just named a category of persons who may be incarcerated NOT for their actions, but for their POTENTIAL to commit a crime - now it is just a matter of adding categories until they will have the right to lock me up because they don't like what I say. They can deem me a danger to society because I hold beliefs contrary to their goals." 

People laughed at me. 

But for the record it is upon that supreme court PRECEDENT that all the so-called prophylactic laws (preventative laws) of the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization act were held to be 'constitutional.' If they could deem a sex offender "a danger to society" and lock him up without charges, indefinitely, without right of habeaus corpus, then they could do the same with an Alqiada terrorist - who had committed no crime. It was just a matter of adding a "category."

Then in 2009 Homeland security named me and probably you as a person who was a potential terrorist - I have the text from Homeleand security if you would like to see it. 

Now, these jokers (The NEO Conservatives - Roberts being one - and the LEFT joined forces on the court and used Obamacare to destroy the very last limit on Federal Power - that is the PRECEDENT - and people will cheer when Obamacare is blown apart because the bill was passed improperly - and they will forget the PRECEDENT until the next coercive bill is passed PROPERLY and is held to be constitutional UPON this hellish PRECEDENT. Now they literally have the power to deem, for instance, Sharia Sensitivity training as good for the General Welfare - a means to promote domestic tranquility and coerce you to participate in the brainwashing or pay a tax.  Wake UP!

Although the Neo-Con spew Christianize and Conservative rhetoric they are neither conservative nor Christian. They merely have a different version of the Scientistic Dictatorship - a New World Order for which they have eviscerated the Constitution, the Bill of Right and the founding truth upon which this Nation was formed. They ARE social Darwinists, JUST LIKE THE LEFT, they only have a slightly different version of it. But for BOTH the Neo-cons and the left, The Constitution WAS a hindrance to their Utopian Goals; it WAS a hindrance until last Thursday, June the 28th 2012, a day that will live in INFAMY!

Paul Moreno: A Short History of Congress's Power to Tax

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