Thursday, December 5, 2013


I am not an Anarchist, but I am NOT bound by the vagaries of the mind and executive orders of Barrack Obama, which represent LAWLESSNESS.  I am NOT responsible to a LAWLESS State.  He may hold Dictatorial powers over the Federal Government, but just like a child, in all innocence and deadly resolve I DECLARE MY LIBERTY and I say, "He is not the Dictator of ME." 

"Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, to which every president swears an oath, commands that the president “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.

"Fealty to this duty is essential for maintaining our system of government and public order. The law is a reciprocal pact between the government and the governed. Public order requires government to remain faithful to the law as much as it requires the citizenry to do so. If the actions of government officials lead citizens to conclude that those officials are no longer meaningfully bound by the law, then citizens will rightly conclude that neither are they." Michael F. Cannon.

The American Declaration of LIBERTY
December 4, 2013.

Paragraph A: 
(1) BE IT KNOWN THAT, The American President and the entire Federal Government Establishment, each part without exception, has proved it is bound by no law except of its choosing, where laws appear and disappear on a whim of executive orders and non-legislative federal regulations and are enforced and not enforced upon equally capricious whimsy. 
(2) WE resolve said situation is Lawlessness and Criminal and declare OUR LIBERTY from such lawless and criminal oppression.  
(3) WE resolve that we are FREE HUMAN BEINGS, with UNALIENABLE Rights Granted by nature and nature's God. 
(4) We resolve that said natural rights are antithetical to the book and/or laws of the Mohammedans. 
(5) We resolve that said natural rights are antithetical to Mohammedean Dhimmi Status, such status being an insult to the Natural Human. 
(6) We resolve that Free Enterprise, defined as the economic activity of individuals, families and partners styled as companies IS compatible with our natural rights. 
(7) We resolve that said natural rights are antithetical to the collectivism of Marx, or any lesser Socialist System.
(8) We resolve that said natural rights are antithetical to the monopoly of International Capitalism and Multi-National Corporations.
(9) We resolve that no articles of incorporation shall be recognized, except for specific purpose of common benefit for a specified period not to exceed five years duration. 
(10) We resolve that cooperative-corporation, owned and operated by communities (defined as those people they serve) for the common good, is compatible with our natural rights, as an example the public utility cooperatives of the several sorts. 
(11) We resolve that the present legal fiction that a "Corporation is a person" is abhorrent to the meaning of human personhood, and such legal concept is null and void. 
(12) WE resolve that No Document has ever fully enumerated the completeness and totality of this Liberty, nor does this document purport to, though the fullness of Liberty requires reasoned self-governance, prudence, and a morality that respects and seek to protect the LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY of others in the Society.  
(13) WE resolve that OUR natural rights are capable of creating a society, where if inhabited by honest humans requires little else to secure the rights of all; yet, where inhabited by fallen man, requires government elected of the people, ONLY to protect the rights of all, and ONLY by securing our defense against all enemies to our Life, Liberty, and Property, foreign and/or domestic and adjudicating upon natural law the cases where conflicting claims of just rights exist.  
(14) WE resolve that No law in this society, infringing or impeding the natural rights of the human being, (as held in the developed English Common Law of the 1800s and the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of 1787) and/or NOT derived from the consent of the governed, no matter what court, legislative body or high official may rule it valid, is indeed valid. 

Paragraph B: 
(15) WE Further Resolve that heretofore and until a LAWFUL and popularly recognized CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION may be called and Constitutional governance enacted, creating a Constitution that in no way violates the principles and precepts of the previous paragraph "A", NO future act, legislation, or federal law is deemed VALID.
(16) We Resolve that all Federal Laws that violate the principles and precepts of paragraph "A" are hereby invalid and void, and any action by any and every branch and/or department of federal government to enforce said invalid laws is deemed unlawful and said actor is subject to lawful arrest by any citizen or group of citizens.   
(17) We Resolve that all present State Laws, of the fifty states, and respective County laws, NOT violating the principles and precepts of paragraph "A" are valid, but all such laws that do not conform to the principles and precepts of paragraph "A" are hereby invalid and void, and any action taken to enforce invalid laws is deemed a criminal act, whereupon any citizen may effect a lawful arrest. 

If Liberty be radical, then deem this document radical, but if Liberty be the ideal and natural state of man, deem our God, who imbued our very human core with these rights the radical one, and rebel not against HIS Wisdom.

Here I Sign: Archpriest Symeon Elias

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