Sunday, October 7, 2012

Free Enterprise Vs Capitalism - There is a difference.

Capitalism as we know it is not the answer. 

"Remember that life is neither pain nor pleasure; it is serious business, to be entered upon with courage and in a spirit of self-sacrifice," so said, Henry De Tocqueville, one of the fathers of the Free Enterprise System. Why would a father of "capitalism" talk about "self-sacrifice"?

As much as people want to paint our present national take down as a "leftist" enterprise, the conspiracy of Marxist Democrats, it was not. It was rather, a takeover by an Oligarchy of Amoral Capitalists, the thieves in charge of the largest concentrations of Capital on the planet.

This is why the NeoCons, who spout conservative political rhetoric of God, Country, Patriotism and Capitalism are so dangerous. They are the soldiers of the Ruling Elite, that same concentration of Amoral Capitalism that seek to place us all in DEBT SLAVERY, inside an international "COLLECTIVE," while they live by different rules, just like the Communist Party elite did in The Soviet Union. These people instead of "Living It Up in Moscow," have set the stage to "Live It Up" on an international scale. And they don't care how many human beings suffer or die, in the process. Their actions are amoral, above considerations of Good and Evil. 

This is not Free Enterprise. It is Corruption, Crony Capitalism, Amoral Capitalism, a system antithetical to our founding principles. It is Capital removed from the motivation of the well being of the majority of HUMAN BEINGS. It is rather a mechanism to ENSLAVE Human Beings. At present it is working through international organizations perpetrating a murderous and grand Malthusian scheme, that has already cost the lives of ONE Billion, SIX Hundred Million People in the last thirty years alone. (This statistic from population expert, Dr Wyman of Yale University) And contrary to the popular myth, this isn't the actions of Marxists, but organizations funded by Capitalists. THE IMF, The WORLD BANK, the AMERICAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and numerous NGOs.  1.6 billion abortions worldwide financed by capitalist. The most substantial cost of China's depopulation program is financed by Capitalist money from the WEST.  

FREE ENTERPRISE exists only in connection with the actions of Humans and can be moral or immoral, but never Amoral. Capitalism exist only in connection with the amoral actions of corporations. The former is generally LIFE engendering. They latter is generally death, disease, and corruption engendering. 

Amoral Capitalism as a goal, is a philosophy and machine of destruction, something that is removed from the human condition, from the circumstances of humans, except to enslave humans to debt slavery.

Amoral Capitalism always produces a wealthy class of thieves.
When the thieves control ALL the capital, it is no longer "free enterprise" it is debt slavery.

Ultimately "Capitalism" holds no more place in our country's founding than does "democracy."  Yet, the thieves see that our children are taught "Democracy" and "Capitalism." Why?
The founders created a "Representative Republic" using certain democratic principles, which included a "FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM" which included some principles of Capitalism.  Keeping Enterprise FREE, in the U.S. they barred all permanent corporations, especially the world banking corporations that have now enslaved us.  They BARRED ALL Permanent corporations for ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN YEARS of our history! 

Why do you not know this history? Because the Capitalists that have you in debt slavery do not want you to know it.

Until we take the road of Iceland, and again BAR these amoral Corporations and once again open our own country's economy to ourselves, to "WE THE PEOPLE for the purpose of FREE ENTERPRISE," instead of "THEM THE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS for the purpose of Capital Theft," we will not regain our freedom or recover our sovereignty.

This video explains the corruption of Capitalism, when Capitalism becomes removed from "FREE ENTERPRISE." It is a wonderful example of the corrupting process told in the microcosm of Iceland.

We don't have to be slaves to the THIEVES!
What did Iceland do? Why hasn't this story been told over and over again and again on our news media?  Because all our news comes from SIX Corporations that are owned by the same thieves.


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